[LHC] - Letara History Challenge - Rd 5 [Results being posted]


The Preface of Round 5 will determine the starting condition of Letara in 1985. For a summary of what happened between 1974-1984 economically and politically, see this post. In short, the country’s economy is growing by leaps and bounds, and people have more and more disposable income, even for luxury items and second cars. The government remains committed to continue to invest heavily in Letara to prop up the economy.

For those that are eligible and want to participate in the lobbying and spending mechanism, this is your chance to shape how Letara dealt with its many challenges, how its industry and infrastructure grew, and how to shape the future of the car market.


Round five will span 1985-1995 inclusive.


The overall size of the car market expanded a little this decade, especially in the more expensive and sports-oriented segments. Starting with the city segment, however, this segment held relatively steady with a good number of options to choose from. There was not too much excitement here, as could be expected perhaps, but with some race-winning brands having cars in this segment meant that through brand recognition, some could still show pride in their car ownership. In the city-size segment there were enough sporty cars on offer to warrant the creation of a whole new segment: the small sports car. In their own right these offered a fun new outlet for the masses.

The family segment in general expanded quite a bit, especially in the premium and luxury categories. There was plenty of variety to choose from for consumers, and that made it so that cars didn’t step on each other’s toes all that much, so to speak. Similar to the city segment, this decade more ‘sporty’ family cars were released that warranted the creation of the ‘family sports’ segment. This was for the more mature family audience who wanted more than a simple transport vehicle for the family, but could afford to buy something with actual performance.

As for the wagons and SUVs, this segment seemed to not only stagnate, but even back-slide a little compared to the previous decade. There was really a dearth of choices here, leaving the adventurous families with few options to take them into the woods.

The sports car segment exploded, however. Well, not quite as simple as that though. There were two new categories (small and family sports), adding to the variety and selection on the fringes of other segments. The standard and premium sports car selection diminished quite significantly, with only two models in the standard price bracket, which left many poorer Letarans only dreaming of a sports car. On the other hand, the luxury segment was over-saturated, making true sports car something of a status symbol.

The utility segment expanded a little in this decade and for the first time was large enough to warrant splitting out the vans from the pickups. There were some interesting choices for consumers, but a few gaps still remain in the market that Letarans would love to see filled here.


In total 39 people submitted consumer cars in Round 4, and are eligible for company spending and lobbying. Spending and lobbying is completely optional and not mandatory to participate in the next round.

The people in this list currently have no assembly or factory in Letara, and thus have the following options:

The people in this list currently have an assembly in Letara, and thus have the following options:

  • Spend 10 tokens on spending items and 10 power on lobbying items (you forfeit the assembly for next round); or
  • Spend 3 tokens to maintain the assembly plant, spend the remaining 7 tokens on spending items, and spend 13 lobbying power; or
  • Spend 7 tokens to upgrade to a full factory for the next round, spend the remaining 3 tokens on spending items, and 16 power on lobbying items.
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The people in this list currently have a factory in Letara, and thus have the following options:


Everyone on the above lists has their allocated spending tokens that you can spend in whole integers. How you allocate your tokens is up to you.

Note that the government has their own spending purse, so your spending will supplement the government’s funds. Spending items proposed by the Letaran Government include:

  • Road maintenance - helps to rebuild and maintain the current road network so that roads don’t deteriorate.
  • Road construction - will expand and improve the current road network. These might include paving gravel or dirt roads, continue construction on an interstate highway system.
  • Expanding and supporting higher education - in general, or in any of the following specialties:
    • aerodynamics
    • mechanical engineering
    • petrochemical engineering
    • materials science
    • electrical engineering
  • Building of improvements at the Lerance Raceway or changing the Lerance Raceway in some fashion.
  • Construction of a different racing venue, track or otherwise.
  • Support for train infrastructure.
  • Support for air infrastructure.
  • Support the shipping infrastructure.
  • Supporting and/or expanding industry - general support, or any of the following:
    • Bauxite/Aluminium
    • Petroleum
    • Coal
    • Iron
    • Forestry
    • Agriculture
  • Expand protected areas and National Parks.
  • “Other” - feel free to spend on items not on this list. Provide a brief description what your company spends its tokens on and I’ll do my best to incorporate it into Letara’s lore. If you think your idea might be too far fetched, outside the scope or spirit of the challenge series, it’s best to ask; the Letaran government reserves the right to reject ideas, or they might simply fail.


Depending on how you spend your tokens, you will have 10, 13, or 16 lobbying power. These can also be spent in whole integers, and it’s up to you how you wish to allocate them. You can lobby for or against individual items. Note that the government has their own ideas and direction they want to take, and some items they feel very strongly about. So lobbying outcome is not a guarantee - but your input might influence the government to make certain decisions.

Lobbying items proposed by the Government of Letara include:

  • Mandate three brake lights on the rear of the car.
  • Mandate rearview mirror placement on doors.
  • Tighten current safety regulations (currently small cars must have at least 20, larger cars 25).
  • Implement emissions standards (currently only curbed by a slight tax, but no hard limits).
  • Tighten noise regulations (currently 55).
  • Reduce functional aero loads (currently 0.0 kg at 200 km/h) on road-legal consumer vehicles.
  • Adjust and tighten speed limits on public roads.
  • Implement mandatory electronic speed limiters on consumer vehicles (state desired speed).
  • Change vehicle taxation (current taxation system is quite expansive and convoluted, and even results in negative taxation in certain circumstances - see Prologue of previous round for details).
  • For keeping the Lerance Raceway as Letara’s flagship racing venue (with or without changes to the lay-out).
  • For alternate race location/series/type. For an alternate race series, specify:
    • Alternate paved route/format.
    • Alternate mixed surface/dirt race/rally event.
    • Alternate dedicated track racing (specify what kind, e.g. traditional circuit, oval, drag etc.)
      (OOC: I am making an executive decision now that still only one race category will be available, whatever that is.)
  • “Other” - feel free to propose your own lobbying item. Same restrictions and caveats apply as for the spending tokens.


I encourage light banter and chatter between companies in character in this thread to discuss their stance on the issues presented. But keep it civil and light-hearted please. To be clear, absolutely no threats against another person or company, real or fictional is tolerated. I trust that you will all play nice with each other.

Those people eligible for spending and lobbying, please DM me your responses in the same thread where you submitted your car. Please do not create a new thread. I WILL IGNORE NEWLY CREATED DM THREADS, IT IS TOO TIME CONSUMING TO CHASE PEOPLE.

Please submit short point-form items only. I don’t want to have to read an essay and try to decipher what you actually want. Leave the essays for your forum post, but I will not consult them - what you say in the DM is what I enter in the lobby spreadsheet. To reiterate: I WILL ONLY ENTER YOUR LOBBYING BY WHAT YOU SAY IN YOUR DM. DO NOT REFER TO A FORUM POST, DO NOT REFER TO SOMEONE ELSE’S INITIATIVE. JUST SUCCINCTLY SAY WHAT YOUR LOBBY SUBMISSION IS MEANT TO DO.

Submissions are final; I will not change your entry if you change your mind on a spending or lobby item. So think before you hit submit. You have plenty of time to think about it, do not rush, think it through.

Spending and lobbying is open until 6:00 AM ET on Saturday, June 17.

OOC: I will compile all lobbying and spending at this time, but will take a hiatus from LHC thereafter. That way I can focus on RL stuff during the summer without the expectation/pressure to write car reviews and such. I will also have more time to properly build the next round’s rules, build Letara in WR:SR, and build/update a new track/track layout if necessary. LHC will return in the fall!


That’s a bold move to come back for round 5! Good to see you taking the burden despite all circumstances.


Correction: it should be “Round five will span 1985-1995 inclusive.”

If that’s true (which I’m assuming it is), you deserve your summer break from LHC - but it will be properly ready to (re)launch (complete with rules for submissions, plus changes to Letara) when it resumes in a few months’ time. It also gives us much more time to develop and build our submissions, long before you actually begin accepting them.

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Vizzuri’s Proposal '85

Endurance racing on the full Lerance Raceway

After the alterations to the track in 1977, Vizzuri are lobbying towards opening the full circuit up with a new class of cars: Road-legal homologated race cars

Proposed "Road-Legal Prototype" class

RLP Class '85 onwards:

  • Runs on Lerance raceway full course
  • Must meet road-legal status
  • Minimum of two full seats allowed
  • All ethanol fuels allowed, as well as Ultimate 100RON fuel allowed
  • Minimum safety of 35
  • Minimum comfort of 20
  • Enclosed bodywork (Does not require a roof)
  • N/A maximum displacement is 7,000cc, Turbocharged maximum displacement is 3,000cc (Or similar rule for fairness)
  • Slick radial tyres only
  • Maximum SVC of 3,000

Caring for Letara, the Vizzuri way

Vizzuri are dedicated Letara, we will continue to maintain our car factory.

We plan to invest into aerodynamics and material sciences in higher education.

Agreeing that emission standards need seeing to, we believe this can be sorted by mandating catalytic converters to every car sold in Letara from 1985 onwards, as it is proven these systems help reduce emissions.

We are saddened to announce our loss of spending power from maintaining the car factory has sacrificed aid to the Letaran natural disaster response departments, we would urge fellow companies to offer their spending towards them. A safer future is in everyone’s best interest.

We hope other car marques can collaborate with Vizzuri’s efforts for an invested Letara, with a well established and growing racing heritage, focus on safety, and education.


Greetings comrates

It's time to take action

We from Popas love Latara and its people. Thats why we always stride to support the local community by providing not only transport for everyone, but also provide jobs in every part of the Popas production. From Mine to quality control of the finished cars, we source and use Letaran materials and finest workforce

Furthermore we will invest in the Letara Transportation Show to give once again an open space for the Letaran people to experience the today and tomorrow of Transportation!


Mara Goes Letara, Ep. 5-2: … something to care about…

Previous post

11th January 1982
Boardroom, Mara main factory grounds, just outside the town of Mara, Archana

Mara’s Comrade Director of Engineering (CDE), Rodyn Gumprov, entered the Mara company boardroom - virtually unchanged since the last revamp and thus still in the early 1970s Archanan style - at the beginning of the year 1982 not without a hint of anxiety. At the end of the previous year, his CDE predecessor and then Comrade Executive Director (CED), Fedor Piechov, had retired as he was approaching the mandatory retirement age. A new CED by the name of Roman Smit* had been appointed by the Archanan State Planning Commission.

First sales and engineering review under a new CED

While there had been an official welcome already at the end of the previous year, the overall atmosphere had been cool in temperature, and noone was entirely clear about Roman’s background either. Roman certainly was no engineer (as both previous CEDs, Fedor Piechov and Henri Nordhov had been) and did not seem to be a particular car person either. Everyone was curious how the first yearly meeting would proceed and set the tone for Roman’s time at the helm of the company.

Rodyn himself did not mind not gaining the promotion to CED as the previous twelve years under Fedor had been pretty busy in terms of engineering new car models (starting with the large Kavaler in the early 70s) and revising existing ones (including a new generation of Irenas), and Rodyn was content to focus on engineering without having to worry about other things at the top such as politics.

Roman sat down at the head of the table and picked up the prepared agenda while everyone else followed suit. After a few words of greeting, he got down to business, as usual starting with foreign sales, as this was the area of least concern from a whole-of-company perspective.

“Comrades, who wants to start?” Roman looked a bit bewildered into the round. “And please introduce yourself with name and role.” He added, trying to sound jovially. “Be assured, I am a quick learner.”

“Inna Horyova, Comrade Director of Letaran Operations. We currently have three Irena models on sale in Letara which we export as CKD kits and assemble on site. The four door KE sedan still sells reasonably well, sales of the two door SSE and the pickup ute are dwindling.”

Roman nodded and wrote down some notes for himself - which several attendees found noteworthy since Roman’s predecessor Fedor rarely - if ever - needed any notes.

“Since the Letaran market moves quite fast compared to our domestic market, we should start thinking about refreshing our offerings there in the near future. We also have to allocate some funds soon to keep our assembly plant running effectively… and for anything else over there, too…” Inna ended trailing off since she was not sure about the extent their new CED was up-to-date on how the Letaran operation was the odd one out.

“Comrade Horyova… can you brief me of the purpose of having a whole assembly plant to maintain in a foreign country that we are not particularly aligned with?”

Inna was momentarily nonplussed, not expecting to be grilled as the first thing by the new CED. Rodyn started to answer. “Since we have to ship overseas to sell there, it is considerably easier to ship CKDs than entire cars.”

“And we found these exports useful to ride out sales troughs that may occur in the domestic market”, Inna continued, once she had regained composure. Seeing that Roman did not seem convinced, she hastily added: “The assembly plant is also an opportunity to expose the Letaran workers to the virtues of the Archanan way of collective organising.”

Roman nodded. “Alright. Send me the details, I’ll inform you of my decisions.” His voice remained non-committal.

Rodyn and Inna exchanged surprised - and worried - glances.

“Another thing”, Inna continued. “In the past, our government was keen on relying on us to invest into Letaran matters…”

Roman’s interest was piqued. “I wasn’t made aware of this by the State Planning Commission - but I will double check with them whether we want to continue with that at all. You are aware of recent change in government policy in dealing with foreign countries with differing ideologies?”

Inna nodded.

After quickly going through Fruinian and Dalluhan sales, Roman seemed happy to be finally able to shrug off the onerous matters of foreign sales and moved to the next agenda item, internal development project review.

“When going through last year’s reports I noticed that there are quite a few large car engineering projects being well underway and almost completed, all signed off by my predecessor. Most prominently, a 4x4 SUV with utility and van variants - the Kanyon - and, more recently started, a small city car, Project Z. The latter despite us already having a tried-and-true city car on offer, the Tovarysh.”

Now it was Rodyn’s turn to educate Roman about Mara’s recent years and the background of the various ongoing projects. All these projects had been initiated by Fedor, riding on the wave of official rubberstamp approval for new Mara car projects after the domestic (proverbial) splash that the Kavaler had made among the Archanan apparatchiks nomenklatura a couple of years ago…

*As usual, no car company executives of the past have been harmed when naming selected characters in these story snippets


One quick question about lighting regulations- are more-bulbs-than-necessary allowed for a given purpose?

For example, the current laws require one bulb on each rear corner of the car to serve as brake lights. Are we allowed to have more than that in each corner (2 bulbs, 4 bulbs, 12, etc), or specifically only the 1 bulb?

(I’m sorta thinking ahead 20-30 years when we start getting long LED strips and the like)


I’m going to say something dangerous here, but more is always allowed… I already know I’ll regret this and will have to regulate after I get some Dekotora submissions… :rofl: :person_facepalming:

Publication by The Aero Company.

An announcement regarding Aero’s lobbying plans in Letara

With the 1984 session approaching, We at Aero wish to declare our upcoming lobbying plans, and explain our reasoning for doing so. Our plans revolve around addressing 3 main automotive issues: aesthetics, safety, and emissions. Please see below our summary of our plan, and if you’d like further clarification, our in-depth explanations below. If you have any questions, or would like to join any of our efforts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For aesthetics, we will be pushing to repeal the current ban on center headlights, and to stop the proposed requirement for door-mounted mirrors. We feel the safety concerns driving these bans, though well intended, are unfounded.

For safety, we support the tightening of safety regulations with mandates for modern, up-to-date safety technologies, including a mandate that all new cars be equipped with anti-lock brakes. As for Letara’s numerical safety system, we feel there are better ways to make cars safer, and urge the government to keep the required safety numbers as they are.

For emissions, we lobby that the current tax incentive for cat converters be upgraded to a mandate that all new cars be equipped with catalytic converters. We feel such a mandate is enough of an leap forward in emissions that further regulations/taxes on the matter are not necessary, but if any more are considered, they should be applied universally to all cars; no class of vehicle should be grated any exemption.


We have always believed in freedom of artistic expression in car design; that no law should ever attempt to regulate purely-aesthetic aspects of a car. Unfortunately, that is what the ban on the beloved third center headlight does. The government’s ban is based on the following claimed safety concerns: that the additional headlight could blind oncoming drivers, and that it could lead to cases of “mistaken identity.” We would like to address these claims, and point out their logical flaws.

First of all, it is the brightness of a vehicle’s lights that blinds an oncoming driver, not the number or placement of them. As with any automobile light, as long as the center light is set to an appropriate brightness level, it poses no particular danger of blindness. Secondly, as long as the pair of edge headlights are present (and especially with the help of side marker lights), they provide a perfectly clear indicator of an oncoming vehicle’s size and can prevent dangerous “mistaken identity” cases. The presence of any other appropriately-brightened lights do not change this.

Next, let us address the proposed mandate that rearview mirrors be placed on a car’s door, instead of its front fender. The government’s has yet to publish its reasoning for this proposal, but coming from a nation where fender-mounted mirrors have always been popular, we can attest that fender mirrors pose no safety risk. Door mirrors do have the minor advantage that, because they’re closer, they’re a little easier to see; but fender mirrors also have their advantages, in that they’re closer to a driver’s center of vision, and have smaller blind spots. Both styles are effective, and neither is inherently superior, so there’s certainly no cause to ban one outright.


Aero has always been an advocate for car safety, and are happy to see renewed talk of expanding safety regulations. But much of this early debate has revolved around raising the minimum threshold for Letara’s numerical safety-rating system. We have always been critical of this system, because we feel it is not an accurate way to measure how safe a car is. So instead of boosting these arbitrary numbers, we feel the best way to make Letara’s roads safer is to focus on the implementation of specific safety technologies, such as airbags, automatic seatbelts, and anti-lock brakes.

And that latter technology, especially, we want to focus on. An Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is a small computer that detects if a car’s tire(s) have locked up under braking; and if so, can release brake pressure on the locked tire(s) just enough to allow it to spin again (while still applying brake pressure). Not only does ABS give drivers much easier access to the full power of their brakes, but it also allows cars to steer under heavy braking. Anti-lock brakes give drivers- especially inexperienced ones -far greater control of their car, and far greater ability to maneuver in emergency situations.

This revolutionary techology has been tested and proven around the world for over a decade now, and is now seeing growing worldwide adoption in cars; while so far it’s been fairly rare on Letaran roads, we think ABS is the future of safety technology, and are thus going to push for a mandate that all cars be equipped with the system going forward.


10 years ago, Aero was an instrumental part in creating the tax incentive for catalytic-converter equipped cars. Now, we are excited to declare this effort a success; not only has the technology further proved its ability to reduce emissions, but it has matured significantly. Modern cats are now reliable, affordable, more effective than ever, and no longer reduce an engine’s power significantly. As such, we feel the tech is finally matured enough to replace its tax incentive with a mandate.

We also would like to address proposed exemptions to future emissions regulations or taxes, which have been variously suggested for utility vehicles, offroad vehicles, and other classes. We believe these are unnecessary; with modern engine technology, there should be no issue producing enough power for any task, even after the implementation of sensible emissions regulations. Plus, an exemption may encourage manufacturers to just design their cars to meet the exemption, rather than actually addressing the issue of emissions; the best way for an emissions tax or regulation to be applied, we feel, is for it to be universal.

The Aero Company.
5-chōme-325 Komaki,
Aichi 485-0041, Japan
+81 568-XX-XXXX


So far I’ve received seven spending/lobbying submissions… six days to go to get yours in!


Looking forward to the next season!

Wall of Text

Round 5 Spending & Lobby

Swanson investment commitments 1985-1895

5 tokens - maintain factory

1 token Supporting the tourism industry

1 token Renovating and running the Modred Resort & Casino.

1 token Supporting the Aluminum industry
(alternatively its required infrastructure)

1 token Road maintenance

1 token Expanding and supporting higher education - electrical engineering
Specifically related to sensors and whatever goes into making “Computers” do stuff.

Swanson lobbying talking points

Tighten safety regulations Yes 2 point

Implement mandatory electronic speed limiters on consumer vehicles; speed limit 250 km/h Yes 1 point

Implement emissions standards Yes 2 point
By mandating catalytic converters.

Mandate three brake lights on the rear of the car. Yes 1 point

Allow white glass for indicator lights Yes 3 points

Tighten noise regulations. No 1 point
Keep Letara Loud.

Taxation slight rebalance yes 2 points
Consider balancing taxation so that domestically manufactured cars can benefit from tax breaks, while not incurring subsidies negative taxes.
For keeping the Lerance Raceway as Letara’s flagship racing venue Yes 1 point
We are neutral on whether to use the Rallycross or Long Circuit.

Racing: Support Road Legal Class yes 2 point
We generally support the ruleset as proposed by Vizzuri, except the “Prototype” part which sounds less like road car and more like a kit car. (Perhaps a misunderstanding on our end)

  • Must meet road-legal status
  • Minimum of two full seats allowed
  • All ethanol fuels allowed, as well as Ultimate 100RON fuel allowed
  • Minimum safety of 35
  • Minimum comfort of 20
  • Enclosed bodywork (Does not require a roof)
  • N/A maximum displacement is 7,000cc, Turbocharged maximum displacement is 3,000cc (Or similar rule for fairness)
  • Slick radial tyres only
  • Maximum SVC of 3,000

Ah yes, prototype might be the wrong word, maybe homologation special or something would be more like it! :sweat_smile:

Liberty Corp.
Our Plans
Ever since the company, Liberty has always strived to improve the safety of all cars in the automotive industry. During this lobbying session, Liberty Corp. plans on continuing to improve the safety and wellbeing of those living in Letara by lobbying for improved safety. Additionally, we plan on expanding the tourism segment of Letara and investing in innovative computer techonology to be put into new cars.
  • Relax Luxury Tax
    • Specifically lower the tax to 3% and increase the trigger for the tax to 40,000 AMU
    • Reasoning: People are getting more money so relaxing the tax would allow for more spending for the citizens leading to a more stable and happy country
  • Keep Lights Safe Plan
    • See Below
  • Safety Tax
    • Tax unsafe cars to encourage safer cars. Cars that use basic safety or outdated safety (70’s safety or earlier) will receive a 5% tax increase. Cars that use advanced safety from the 80’s or 90’s will receive a 5% tax cut. Cars using ABS will receive a 2% tax cut.
    • Reasoning: This encourages manufacturers to produce cars that are of higher safety, and punishes those who refuse to innovate.
  • Size Tax
    • Specifically, tax cars that have a wheelbase less than 2.3m and greater than 2.7m by 3%
    • Reasoning: A car with a wheelbase less than 2.3m would lead to an incredibly unsafe experience for the driver and passengers, while a car with a wheelbase greater than 2.7m poses a threat to pedestrians.

Lights Safety Plan


  • Light up side markers on the side of the car (Amber in the front, red in the back)
    • Reason: Increased visibility at night
  • Cornering Lights
    • Reason: Increased visibility for the driver at night
  • Daytime Running Lights
    • Increase visibility during the day and night
  • Three Brake Lights
    • Increased Safety
  • Double Headlight Assemblies, with Low Beams and High Beams being in separate assemblies
  • Indicators on the side of the car
  • Require selective yellow high beams
    • Selective yellow high beams would reduce glare for other drivers leading to higher safety. It would also help increase visibility in tough weather conditions.


  • Center lights IF the light is dim, small, and used as a DRL


  • 2% Increase per requirement violated

  • Investment in computer technology
    • Specifically major improvements to in car entertainment
  • Investment in tourism and hospitality
    • Investment leading to more tourism, both domestic and international, and also leading to the opening of hotels and attractions.
  • Hotel Liberty Lerance
    • As part of the tourism initiative, Liberty would like to open up a car themed hotel in Lerance in order to boost tourism. This hotel would be seated conveniently near the Lerance raceway. The hotel would encourage car themed tourism and will hold special events during races and conventions. This hotel could generate more revenue and publicity for Liberty and possibly improve Letara’s economy.

Liberty Corp. ________ Department, 1953
Floor __, Building 420, 69th Avenue
Philidelphia, PA, USA



The magazine that goes out to all of you Letarans driving a Vaughn, Wraith or VCV
Winter 1984


Regulations, regulations, regulations. The government seems to love them. Once again, tighter regulations will be proposed, some of them sane, some of them written by someone that doesn’t have a clue about neither automobiles or the industry. Of course, we are not against regulations per se. Even though Vaughn is a responsible company that would never sell an unsafe vehicle to the public, it is good to have a minimum level that ensures that nobody else will do it either. The problem, as usual, is when the regulations won’t give you better cars as a customer - only more expensive ones.

To start with, without getting political, even we as an american company can agree with Popas - keep jobs in Letara. Because of that - we think that fully imported cars could as well be taxed higher - 25% instead of 20%. Instead, the luxury tax could be removed. A luxury car built in this country means taxes back to the country no matter what - an imported car never does, cheap or expensive. That’s why we also think that it is sane to keep the sales tax for vehicles assembled here to 10%.

The third brake light regulation is soon going to be implemented in the US - hence, we don’t object against it. However, we also think that means that red indicators in the rear should be allowed again. The Letaran regulations have always been stricter than the american anyway, and the addition of a third brake light should eliminate the risk of confusion, while it means that you as a customer would not have to pay extra for us having to make special taillight lenses only for Letara.

With modern safety technology, any car should be able to both pass and exceed the curret safety regulations, so making them stricter is nothing we object against - as long as they are kept at a sane level. The ESV research has given lots of new knowledge about safety - however, far from all safety equipment shown in the ESV vehicles are ready to be put into production now.

We won’t object against introducing mandatory catalytic converters either - the technology is mature enough now. Since they reduce emissions by a fair amount, we think that a mandatory fitment should be enough - extensive emissions testing for the Letaran market only, is only yet another cost added to you as a customer. Tightened noise regulations, however, will make it technically hard for some speciality vehicles to pass. None of our cars will have any problems to do it, but we’re still warning that it might not be a good idea.

(OOC: Just have to put it in here - as long as intake noises are borked, noise regulations on the whole doesn’t make sense IMO)

Even though all Vaughns, Wraiths and VCVs have door mounted mirrors, we think that it would be just unnecessary bureaucracy to mandate mirrors to be placed there.

Looking at our competitors proposals, we must say that Vizzuri’s concept of the proposed RLP class seems much more sane than the outlandish rallycross cup that has been running the last years, and it might as well be the return to racing for Vaughn. Also, we feel that it is our responsibility to help funding the natural disaster response departments, we totally agree with Vizzuri there. With the country in ruins, automobiles would be the least of your worries.

Anti lock brakes are an important addition to safety - no question about it. Mandating it like Aero is suggesting, well, we’re not as sure there. The technology is still rather expensive - a better alternative could be to introduce a tax discount to cars having it. Still, in case of a legal requirement, we at Vaughn are pretty sure that we will be able to meet it.

Clear cover glass on the indicators are already allowed, so we have no idea why Swanson has said that they are going to lobby for that, we also question why Liberty is asking for a side marker law - that we already have.

Speaking of Liberty’s light safety plan, it already seems outdated. Having low- and high beams in separate units are something we are moving away from even in the US. The dual filament bulbs in the modern “euro style” composite lamps, that Vaughn gradually will be adopting now when they are finally allowed in the US, actually offer better light output than the old sealed beam units with separate low- and high beams. Also, the need for separate DRLs are another outdated thing. Many cars are already adopting a system reducing the voltage to the regular low beams. We feel that such a system would be enough - of course, separate DRLs should still be ALLOWED.

We also question their yellow high beam proposal. Reduced glare on the high beams is a solution to a problem nobody asked for, you are supposed to dim down to low beams when there is traffic facing towards you at night. Also, yellow might be a better colour in tough weather conditions, but it also reduces light output. The light pattern of the high beams generally makes them less suited for tough weather conditions anyway. We feel that the solution here is to retrofit yellow fog lights, for the customer that experiences this as a problem.

Last but not least, we feel that it is our responsibility to help funding the Lerance raceway, the forestry industry and the petrochemical industry. E-fuels has been a success in Letara and we still think that they are the way forward, so we will keep funding that research.

is anyone even going to read this? I guess I'll just put a spaceship here (_)(_)=====D~~

Planar History Files: Letara memos vol.4

When Planar first entered the Letaran market, Planar management began sending out “recap” memos to their Letaran dealerships and management to inform them of sales numbers and forthcoming plans.

Here is the fourth memo, sent out in 1985 after their latest successes in Letara.

Letara Sales Memo 4

Well, that was unexpected.

I must be frank and say that this decade hasn’t gone to plan. While the rest of our operations sustained enough sales to keep us going in the Letaran market, our flagship Danazines have suffered. The SM40 series being more expensive than ever has been a costly misstep, but we firmly believe that a shift upmarket is the healthiest option for our business. As such, our Advanced Technology Group will be focusing on development of the SM40’s successor better than ever, while for the immediate future we’ll release updates to try make the SM40 more competitive.

On another sour note, our race team missing this year’s racing and the police interceptor package being knocked back are also disappointments, but nothing lasting.

Looking forward on the political side, we are once again committed to spending on road maintenance and construction, as well as expansion of Letara’s national parks. In terms of lobbying, we’re maintaining our commitment to safety, joining the campaign for tighter safety regulations and centre brake lights. One thing we cannot stand for, however, is the Letaran government’s proposal for side mirrors to be locked to placement on doors. Not only does that stifle creative freedom, but our own independent testing has shown that mirrors mounted above the wheelarches have significant safety bonuses, and as such we urge other companies to push back against this draconian and unsafe proposal.

-James Ardent, Planar CEO.


Here’s a 24 20 hour warning to get your spending and lobbying in! So far I have received 18 DMs, so about 50% of eligible participants have participated. Don’t let Letara’s future be dictated by others, have your say before it’s too late! :slight_smile:


Since you will compile lobbying/spending, will you present the ruleset before taking a break then?


The Greatest Rhania Action Plan Executed[GRAPE]:


For our Lobbying service, we have decided to announce tax rebates regarding vans, trucks, and SUV’s as we have reported that most buyers of these vehicles are either families or businesses. Because of the 3 vehicles being a huge proponent of Letara’s economy, Rhania would like to make the statement that it is important to help those who build this country.


Most tradespeople use trucks to move around their goods and services of which the city folk of Letara gets to be gifted with these humble workers doing their due dilligence to provide for their country. A rebate for these vehicles would help them expand their line of work and would help decrease the amount of money needed to start their jobs as they would have to worry less about their vehicles and more have more time to focus on their job which would help incentivize better practicies for these tradesfolk.


Most businesses use vans to haul their gear and tools to help provide services to the everyday Letarian. They also help with catering their services to the vast majority of the population, and so provide a rebate for their vehicles, it would help them create more profits that could be then used to reinvest into their business by either helpinig their employees have a higher wage or to help the business expand even greater.


As we have researched with the uses of SUVs, we have found out that most buyers are usually families who are in need of a vehicle that is rugged, durable, and big enough to carry their kids along with some luggage to boot. These SUVs are a neccessity for large families who have to carry more than 5 people. The families are expected to pay more for regular items such as bread, milk, and eggs in the future and so with a tax rebate; they could be helped by having to worry less about their vehicle’s payment as they’ll save money with SUVs in the long run.


Comfortable Yet Cheap Interiors

We, at Rhania, have decided to research how to make more comfortable interiors at a lower price. A reason that we have decided to spend lots of our resources to develop interiors that are better yet more affordable as for vehicles that are in the utility section face a massive issue of being uncomfortable and so we’re trying to find out a way to create more comfortable interiors at a low cost to help those who serve this nation. As of now, we are working on a prototype for reclining seats that work with electric motors which could be adjusted in any way possible.

Thanks for choosing Rhania, the smartest choice!


Thank you all who submitted their spending/lobbying! In the end it was a pretty good turn-out with 29 submissions. It’ll be interesting what comes out if it all.

No, I don’t think I’ll get to that. It’ll go back to regular programming with the rules/round announcement about three weeks before the round closes for submissions.


*I had already sent my spending and legislation notes to Cake, just posting the official letter now.