Li-Yon Engines

[size=200]What is Li-Yon ?[/size]

The Li-Yon engines are made by Calibri Motors. These engines are designed by Europa Aether and it’s engineers. Made in France ! These engines are very carefully designed, and so greatly optimized that they can have a high power output, without consuming lots of fuel and being a low efficiency engine. In this post are listed all the Calibri engines, sorted by name. Red ones are new.
The firsts Calibri engines were called Calibri, as simple as it could be. Sometimes they took the same name of the car they were fitted on. Calibri wanted to make engines that would be unique, with a high efficiency and a low fuel consumption. So they created the Li-Yon engines.
Most of them are inline 4, as they are designed to be fitted in city cars. But don’t be fooled by appearances. Calibri can create power-monsters, bi-turbocharged, torquey V8 like Americans love so munch :smiley:

In the '70, Calibri was created a dozen of years ago. Their car production was like any others : line work, low-priced cars but very efficient. And one day, a revolution started to occur. Now, the engines needed to be the most powerful as possible. The Calibri engineer released the first prototype of a 70hp inline 4 : the Calibri Bluestar, and the final engine was named the Calibri Li-Yon. They achieved what they were expecting : a 72.3hp engine. Now, in 2013 and soon in 2014, Calibri, renamed as Calibri Motors, has produced thousands of engines, and they were all in the Li-Yon family.

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