Linux tests

I decided to start a tread about installing this game using wine under Linux. If we make it, the game will work on Windows, Linux, Mac, BSD and Unix in general!

Sadly, this seems to be one of the few programs which won’t work under wine (probably as it has been made using *.NET :frowning: )
Well enough talk. Now let’s see how far I managed to went:

Using wine (1.7-11), the “demo launcher setup” seems to work, installed all the data files on a local directory, but it fails installing the *.NET framework, and it fails on the launcher.

Then I used PlayonLinux so I can easily create a container with the NET framework and directX.

(* edit: before doing anything, if you want the NET framework to work, you need yo change the value of /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope to “0”; to do this you can try: echo “0”|sudo tee /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope )

Ran in to troubles, as the NET installer was asking for 6GB free, which I didn’t had. After uninstalling some crap, I restarted it, and the installer only used 291 mb ?!. It seems that it can’t detect that I already installed NET. Well, let it do his thing. This time the installer worked fine, a error at the end, but the installation was completed.

The launcher works now, but it won’t display any text on the menus, so it is impossible to select any option, or language so the game won’t start.

I have to check if there is any config file to set manually any option, but I haven’t seen any

If someone has mono installed… can try if it manages to execute directly the launcher? It is one of those things I resist to install. If no one answers, I’ll try on a few days…

As I have posted elsewhere, I have managed to get it to launch the game, and load to the splashscreen, but no further. Didn’t manage to get anywhere with Mono and hosed my ubuntu install messing with graphics drivers. Never went back to it, but might do now the new patch is out.