Little off topic (SORRY!)

Sorry guys currently I cannot make any videos currently because I cannot log into this game because my password is incorrect after I changed it off the forums…so please dont spam me with engine requests for the mean time but I will let you all know when hopefully I can resume engine showcase videos

Dude, you are not the center of the universe. A 1-day tempban may help you calm down a bit. Spamming devs with PMs doesn’t help either, it just makes you look like a 3-year old who has lost his toy somewhere and now cries for mommy to find it for him.

The problems you are having may be due to the login servers not synchronizing their databases instantly, or you just not typing your password right (case sensitive, etc.). There is no such problem known.
If the problems persist we’ll have a look at things tomorrow.

Yes, we get the idea, you’re having problems and we’ll look into it today, now that we’re awake. Please don’t spam every possible forum and PM, just an email or a post in the support forum would have done fine…