LUA ERROR (not from old files left behind)

Just purchased the game, never played it before. fresh install
i install the game, it downloads the update, installs. I open the game up, it hangs at loading screen and plays music, I minimize and always see the attached error. Uninstalled, re installed, removed all files, it did this from a fresh install.
FX-8350 @ 4.8GHZ
HD7970 w/boost in crossfire
1TB SSD samsung 840
Windows 8.1 x64
Please help.

Anyone? Help please?

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with getting the game going. Could you attach the log.txt and the KeeEngineLog.txt found in your Automation folder in Documents? That helps tracking the problem.

log.txt (834 Bytes)
KeeEngineLog.txt (2.65 KB)

Certainly my good man thank you very much!

I’ll get zeussy to take a look at the matter, apart from the error message there is nothing strange here.
Also, I’d like to inform you that the open beta of the next update is coming out in the next few days, that may resolve the issue by itself.

Good news thank you for your help!

I did forget to mention, Although im sure you know that the game wont run at all. I receive this error and i cant get past it. I close it, and it closes the game at its loading screen. Hopefully the update fixes it!

Sorry about this!

It sounds like you might have ended up with a corrupted installer file.

I’d suggest manually downloading the installers from this thread (viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1271)

Then uninstall your copy of automation, and reinstall from those files. See if that helps :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help! ill try that!

well, i appreciate the assistance but that didnt work either. same error.

Just to clarify, when you say you minimize is that you minimizing fullscreen or windowed mode?

There is an alt-tab bug with fullscreen but running the game in windowed mode avoids this.

Just out of interest, how long do you wait to leave it load before it hangs? Sometimes for me the game can take up to 30 - 40s to load and given the loading “O” in the load screen doesnt spin continuously it can look like its frozen at times when its actually is not.

I know its a long shot but may be worth a try running it in windowed mode? All-be-it it looks like something more sinister but no harm in trying right?