Mactori Engine Division

Here at the Division,our aim is to make Engines Suited for everybody in the US And European Let me start off with Two Engines(The “Americana” Series is obviously for the US Market,While the European Ones obviously for Europe):

RRX V8 Twin Turbine:

Is the V6 supposed to be a race engine?

lets say its abit of an all rounder

Yeah, I thought so.

I understand the allure of cranking up the cam profile all the way to the max and having as much power as you can squeeze out of the engine, but surely you’ll need a more usable torque curve than that?
I mean max torque figure comes out at 7600rpm on an 8000rpm engine and the power band is only 300rpm. That tells me that this engine is meant to be a race car engine for a very light chassis and that it will have a gearbox with 12 gears in it to get the most out of the engine.

Also why use race spec intake and manifold on an all-rounder? Isn’t it a bit of an overkill?

(I understand that one of the limitations of written communication is it’s inability to convey voice tonality. For that reason I’d like to iterate that it’s written in a very calm and inquisitive way, rather than an accusative way.)

At the risk of sounding arrogant, I wouldn’t mind giving a go and tweaking it a bit if you’d like?

Actually i still have Files for the v6 so i might give out a version or two of the v6

Sounds good :slight_smile:

So this is A Engine from the Series "Intercharge"which means it is for Both European and US Markets.Enough Said,Moving on to the New Engine

its the FGM V8 Stradale.It is Actually the Finished product of the RMLGT V8(Prototype).So Going to the Stats,The RMLGT V8 Got About 540 KW and 1028 Nm(Pretty much Unusuable from 3300-8200 RPM Range)The FGM V8 is 475 Hp and 508 Nm So Pretty much half on The Torque(Atleast Usuable on higher RPMS) and lower HP But Thats it.Hope you like it

Your engines are a little too un-reliable for production car use.

Are you making racing engines, or perhaps super car engines?

[quote=“Lordred”]Your engines are a little too un-reliable for production car use.

Are you making racing engines, or perhaps super car engines?[/quote]

To expand on that, the intake you are using (race intake) in badly hurting your reliability, I know it is the lightest, most powerful and most efficient intake but that’s because its far less restrictive and as a result will cause more damaging debris and particulate matter into the engine, if this is a performance engine, suited for a sports car (like a BMW M series, Porsche, or Lamborghini) the performance intake is a far better choice. For mass production engines try and stay in the 68-80 range for reliability.

[quote=“Lordred”]Your engines are a little too un-reliable for production car use.

Are you making racing engines, or perhaps super car engines?[/quote]

Though i m using SOHC,i kinda thought that 54-56 in reliability was enough
i usually make high performance engines on normal cars(convertible,sedan,etc) though it counts as a super car engines

(im using long tubular)

atleast thanks for giving me such advice,i will try to note them in future builds

Purely as an example, here is what would pass as more of a production sports engine for 2015, notice the much higher reliability, which is because of the use of an Air-filter assembly, the engine also produces a little more power, while being more efficient, and having a smaller displacement, AND using fuel available at the gas pump. (in this case, premium)

Your use of Ultimate 100 RON (Aki 95) is unrealistic for a production car.

I’ve added an engine I made for you to look over if you are so inclined to do so.

Just trying to help out.

Im Back,Now i got an Engine with Some Advice.

The FGM…II!/The Second version(Revised Engine).435 Hp at 7000rpm and 489 Nm at 4700 RPM.Pretty much Less than the previous(and atleast more than the MLT V6).though 98 RON it was enough to get Enough Performance and i pretty much made this with Generality in mind…
Till then will you see more engines

Now you’re cooking with gas!

a 95 RON Engine.less than the previous engine but i could say that im impressed on how this turned out

A turbo Engine once in a while

I managed 2.09 BAR on a turbo in 3700-8000 made 598 HP and 725 Nm.So its a super car engine that is 95 RON