MALVA (Malmö Automobil och LastVagns Aktiebolag)


The home of the MALVA campaign company.


Can I sense some Scania inspiration (albeit with the passenger car production being continued?) already? :stuck_out_tongue:

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1947 Malva Fagus

The first production cars from Malva, available as a four door midsize family car and for the growing utility market a van model.

Malva model naming comes from Trees names in latin, ex. Fagus is the Beech Tree family.

1947 - Malmö Automobil och Lastvagns Aktiebolag


As a mid-range car for an austere post-war world, it would have got the brand up and running with ease.

Not too sure about “cheap commuter car”, it is significantly larger than a Volvo PV444 and has almost twice the power. But maybe it would have filled a segment in the market between that one and the PV60.

1950 Malva Fagus

The second generation Fagus saw a few changes to the exterior and interior, mainly more chrome and wood. The biggest changes is a reworked engine with a OHC top and the change to a more cost effective solid rear axel.

1950 - Malmö Automobil och Lastvagns Aktiebolag


Cool! Why did Malva release vans too, was there a need for vans in Sweden during the time?

I have seen pictures from Stockholm in the early 50s, there were small vans like Opel Olympia and Ford Thames everywhere…then when the Volvo Duett arrived in 1953 it became a huge success even if it was most common in the wagon version.