Materials....and their assignment!

Yes, it’s me asking questions again. Stop groaning at the back!!!

Is there a complete listing of all the ECS materials used in AG lua files?

Are all materials available to all parts?

Also how are the materials assigned from the 3DS export? Are they the actual numbers in 3DS or is there something I need to do (like kill a chicken on an altar on the 3rd Wednesday of the month…unless it’s raining of course!!)?

/Phew - I think that’s all for now.



Those are the ones I remember now that would be use in a fixture. I guess if you want an specific material you can look in the Lua file of the fixture that uses it.

In 3ds we have the materials from the test files in the workshop tools (or something like that). But, AFAIK doesn’t matter if you use that or you made up your materials in 3DS, as long as they’re applied as a material with submaterials.
Each submaterial you applied is like a “slot” for a material in the Lua file, if you applied 4 sub-materials in 3ds, you need 4 ECS materials in the Lua.

But on the Lua file it’s necessary to re assign the materials, and usually they’re not in the same order as in the 3DS.
Maybe this could help you [GUIDE] Getting the material order right

Cheers, I’ll give it a go and see if I can get the mats to be what I intended originally.

The deformation can’t be avoided. I think it’s only wings that don’t deform based on the bodywork.

Cheers…wheels will have to be roof/bonnet mounted on non-highbacked vehicles.

If it gets made as a wing, it should mount properly on the rear (as wings go sideways), and also be available to mount on the roof. As I haven’t made fixtures, I don’t know how well that might or might not work.