Memeus Magical Reviews [Current Place Open]

It would be appreciated if you would send some info or backstory or anything about your car in the PM’s.

Current Car: None (I will only be accepting one car at a time, so PM me and the lucky guy or gal gets the place).

Reviewed Cars: None.


Hi Potto.


Good day to you

Believe it or not I have also risen from the dead.

You have also been to Meme Hell?

Hell no I am far worse than you. Meme hell is too good for me. I was fucking with People on the Guess what Car Game like I always do but that one time they got unusually pissed off at me so I faked my death and went undercover as an overly polite Canadian. For about two weeks. Then I forgot the password and resurfaced as my usual self.

Interesting, what was the account name?
By the way we should not derail the thread.


Search for a thread with the word “Canada” in the title that was only active during a small timeframe in september.


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@Memeus_Christ and @Awildgermanappears
Don’t want to ruin your day or party but… double/triple accounts are pretty much against the usual forum etiquette

Refer to §1.10 please.

I dont need to explain the rules and what happens now.

If I promise to never leave this thread?

Tip #1: Be less obvious next time.
Tip #2: (for the german) Just don’t out yourself on something like that. Ruins your day and its just your fault.

In all honesty I have indirectly told everyone about it back in october. It’s just that nobody noticed it then…