Missing car body styles

My game doesn’t have all body styles that I’ve seen other people have/use.
I can even find the pictures for the missing styles in my game files directory.
What’s going on, can anyone help me with this issue?

Have you downloaded any mods from the workshop? That is where all the non-vanilla bodies are.


No mods, just 100% vanilla game.

I’m simply missing vanilla body styles, I don’t even know how many but I’ve seen at least two vanilla styles that are not appearing on my game and I can still find the images in the game files.

Are you running the Standalone version or Steam? If Steam then have Steam verify file integrity.

Steam. Just finishing a re-download so will see what happens now…

Re-install didn’t help, checking local cache integrity doesn’t seem to work. Where are my save files located?

The saved cars are under My Documents/My Games/Automation.

Which bodies do you have?

I’m missing at least the '60s supercar body, the '50s-'60s roadster body and I think there is a '70s saloon also that I don’t have.

I do not understand why they are not showing as they all are in my game files folder.
One option would be to install them separately as “mods” as such zip files are linked on this forum.
But that brings me to another problem - at least chosen through the Steam Workshop, mods are not installing.

So my other problem is that Steam Workshop is not installing any mods into my game. I’m wondering if separate
files unzipped manually will work either. Perhaps these two problems are connected though?
Maybe these body styles that were added to the game later are registering as mods - and for some reason
my game doesn’t allow mods right now?

I hope this issue will be solved, my car lineup is missing its starting point which is the '60s supercar :slight_smile:

Yesterday I was able to get the '50s roadster working by ticking that mod on Steam.
The '60s supercar I had to manually install using an original zip file for that car. So now they work but they are still not in the normal game, I have to get them as mods. Interesting.