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Yes, there something dark and will…

Concepts will have to crawl under the stencils of the next:

Misty 2
Misty 3


2024 Eca Highroller Blackjack

Only the best of all worlds

We got everything you could ever want is a car:
Power? We got 1300 of those
Powered Wheels? 5, even the steering wheel got a motor
0-100? 2.3 seconds until you break the speed limit in most places
Ride height? High enough for your ego
Wheels? Thicc
Pants? Shidded

Buy one now, or you are a scrub according to our market research


But that’s a crossover, though. Don’t tell me it has wooden parquet flooring as well…

In the neat Future we wont call These “Crossover” anymore as they have become the Norm. We will refer to every other Car as “Crossunder”, showing how onedimensional and unpractical those Designs are.

Speaking of, Convertable Version soon


You properly understood that an understated rounded and highly - optimized CUV is not welcome.

But I completely agree, it is necessary to develop a more precise determination of the classification of bodies, since I myself do not like inaccurate interpretation.

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Is there no age limit or price for any of the cars?

Only thing I could find for year restrictions

is anyone even going to read this? I guess I'll just put a spaceship here (_)(_)=====D~~

The 1996 PG40 Genoace EX-S 2.4

By Planar

The all-new PG40 series Genoace EX-S represents the best of Planar’s development and creativity.

The also all-new Rotomax RX321 V6 sits transversely under the bonnet, and that 2.4L engine puts out an impressive 160kW.

Styled in-house at Planar, the PG40 Genoace brings our “Blush” design language to the Genoace for the first time, and adds playful accents such as translucent accents* as standard.**

The PG40 Genoace, a new breed of fun.

Call your nearest Planar dealer or visit us on the world wide web at

*Translucent parts are: front and rear bumpers, mirror housings, doorhandles, petrol flap, and spoiler

*Translucent plastics standard on only XGT, XGS, XGR, and EX-S models

Also yes, this is a real thing that's at least happened on the aftermarket



Oh, so I think what you’re saying is that crossovers with real performance and/or real off-road capability are allowed, but not lame FWD ones that look more like a bowling ball than a traditional car such as the Opel Mokka.

Well, in my understanding, the more realistic the car in this regard, the more it does not fit. Even the diesel rumbling Land Cruiser Prado 150 is somewhat reminiscent of a CUV for me, especially in winter, against the background of dirty sand on white plastic matte paint.

Therefore, it is very easy accidentally to design a crossover.
Chassis design is completely up to you consideration because there are too many balances.

Price unlimited.

voila, luxury van that isn’t a bmw, corvette, bowling car, or anything sensible

The 1977 Alira Markey


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im not busy creating, but my thrust ssc is broken with wheels cannot control after turning for one time only

This isn’t the first time this car has been submitted but I think it’s half-decent enough that Kalan might approve:

The VME Valkyrie Tricolor Works Phoenix is a limited-edition version of the fourth-generation Valkyrie modified by the external tuning house Tricolor Works, to celebrate the true rebirth of the muscle car now that the kinks of catalytic conversion and efficiency tuning have been worked out after the crisis. It features an upgraded interior, a partially handbuilt 5.4L DOHC V8 with per-cylinder fuel injection producing 410hp, bespoke sport suspension, a top speed of 183mph, and 0-62 in 5.3 seconds.


Please pay attention! Many of you have made a misstep that could cause your car’s rating may be strongly downgraded. If you guess what it is, you can resend the concept to me.

Resubmit is available only one time, and cannot include a radically modified concept.

Just to clarify, is the misstep you’re referring to a violation of the rules that will get a car disqualified from the competition if it’s not resubmitted?

No, the car is involved in any case, there will be no emissions into the trash bin. In your case, you can not touch anything, because you have done the project, relatively speaking, according to Feng Shui.

If the participant does not notice anything strange, he can leave everything as it is. After all, the idea is that you can build any machine, but it is important that it suits me by character.

Say hello to the 1992 Vercruz Luxury in America Minivan!

This particular model is called Hey Cousin! Let’s Go Driving. Not to be confused with the Sun’s Hot, Fridge’s Cold minivan, or with the Ballin’ Jacuzzi model.

The car has been given a stylish, yet contemporary and unique color. The V6 engine gives it BIG American power, like the Chevy Spark. The front wheel drive layout allows for fun and responsive handling, like the Ford E-Series.

In the back we have a massive glass… Dome? Thingy. Inside the glass thingy we have the world’s largest bowling ball.

There are chairs inside so you can look at the bowling ball and wave at people while your chauffeur is chauffeuring you around town.

In the front we have very unique thing going on. The passenger seat was removed to make room for the door to the bowling ball. The only remaining seat is the drivers seat, which was designed to give you the plush comfort of Chevrolet Express.

And you might ask, don’t you get lonely in there? All your friends are looking at the bowling and you are forced to drive alone. The asnwer is no. Because the Hey Cousin! Let’s Go Driving model comes with Gary the Rubber Duck!

He will silently judge you.


1963 Primus Iratus CS