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2019 MV Design Kerberus: My first try on more modern designs, specially on the headlights. I thought would be boring to make it, but once you start, it’s actually really fun to test fixture options and find out what works and what doesn’t. Naturally aspirated transverse V6, AWD.


MV Design Kerberus - (39.3 KB)


Bruckell Moonhawk? Lol so original.

Cool car, but the name is blatantly ripped from

That may have been what he wanted to do… he’s making a modern version of it :grin:


Decided to use highter graphics when taking screenshots, and WOW what a difference.
Some beauty shots of the Badge Wagon:

MV Design Badge - '67 (36.1 KB)

A van variation of the Babylon, the Haulpartner. The pickup truck variant is the Workpartner:

MV Design Babylon - (34.5 KB)

This one is a personal challenge. Making a car last as long as possible on a market. For the fun budget market, the MV Design Nimber. This is the 1962 version. The 1972 is ready and the 1982 is in the making:

The MV… What the heck, its a Mini Cooper stuffed with a 6,1L twin turbo V8 and a RWD solid axle

Who’s this guy?


1970 MV Design Imperator Crown: A beautyfull body crafted specially for Dullara’s first FWD family sedan. Unfortunally, this prototype was lost after taking this few photos, but a reconstruction is due.



1988 Enula Mocca: A sporty and confortable kei car. Who knew something like this could exist?

KCC-Marcus_gt500 - Enula Mocca by MV (38.2 KB)


And I’ve remade the Imperator. In fact, that’s the artist name of a brazilian … actress.

MV Design Imperator - (26.8 KB)


In 1993 MV Design was hired to produce a car for a upcoming video game. The result is the MV Design TG2, a unique machine, powered by a Twin Turbo, transverse mounted V8, powering the rear wheels. It was the hipercar of it’s era.

MV Design TG2 - (25.9 KB)


1978 Bridgell Kengha: The single worst car on automationverse. It was hard to find customers for it, but surprisingly it got more than 120 points on Budget Family in Archana!


Bridgell Kengha - (34.4 KB)

MV Design Kerberus Coupé: Some of our clients wanted to enjoy the sportivity of the Kerberus on a more personal package, so a coupe version was due. A huge thermotinted glass hoof and revised front auxiliary lights are included.


MV Design Kerberus - (40.3 KB)

Bruckell Moonhawk UTE. It can’t be more aussie than this, M8. In fact, that’s a completely new monocoque, the cabin had to be moved foward to allow a usable cargo space, and to be proportionally correct.


Bruckell Moonhawk - (42.9 KB)


After being disapointed by the performance of the Badge on Beamng, I’ve decided to redesign the whole line. Now they are using my Jack of all trades motor, based on the Chevy 350, instead of a unique motor, and also received a revision on the design and specs to better match the competition. For now, the '66 sedan and coupe are done.

MV Design Badge - '66 (38.3 KB)


Honestly speaking, I haven’t been so keen about your earlier designs, but with this one I think you nailed it, great job.

Thanks. As I’ve said, I’m a new player, been playing for a month now. I have lots to learn.

You will love the new convertible version of the Badge H/R and WHO DA HECK PARKED THE PROTOTYPE OVER THE CONTAINTERS!?!? Jean-Claude you’re fired! Wait, wrong thread.


This is the Bridgell Flatt Eco, one of the most boring things you could drive in 1996. Well, this base version at least. It proved to be just what Bridgell needed for a image revamping. By the name, you’ve already might had figured out that it had a flat four engine, one of the few interesting layouts in the brand’s history.

Bridgell Flatt - (33.3 KB)


You’re doing better than some people that have been playing for years so don’t worry about it. x)

Thanks. I’ve been a scale modeller for some years, so this study of real cars to reproduce it’s characteristics is very exciting to me. This last car I’ve posted is half 90’s mitsubish, half 90’s subaru, with a sprinkle of 90’s ford. This will be more visible on the sportier versions.

Also, anybody here remember the '71 Bestia from Midnight Club 2? Here it is on Automation. I’m still tweaking it’s performance, but visuals are pretty much spot on. Since the car belonged to a ilegal racer’s dad, I believe it suffered a crash at the rear at some street race, and was repaired as the owner could, shoehorning the first set of tail lights he could find.

'71 Bestia - (25.1 KB)


(NOSTALGIA OVERLOAD) ( It just needs a Blower, But that’s not in game sadly )


I love the Impreza taillights!

@VG33E Thanks! Here’s some pics of it in beam. Driving crappy still, but will be improved.
@On3CherryShake , they are the workshop blobby headlights, stacked and colored.


That’s the GT version of the Flatt, now you have more power on the 2.5l Boxer, a sportier tuned suspension and gearbox, bigger brakes, alloy wheels, fog lights, a small spoiler, a sportier front grill and bumper, traction control and a nicer interior.

Bridgell Flatt - (35.9 KB)


1959 MV Design Missile 69: A beautifull convertible with the most advanced aerospacial design and a … weak I6 … sorry.

And yes it have curb feelers.

MV Design Missile 69 - Inline (31.9 KB)