My Car Designs and Ideas

I dig the Sideswipe design. It reminds me of Ridge Racer :smiley:. Just a tip though, a lot of these pics have a kinda large file size. You might want to start making them smaller with photoshop or something so they they don’t take too long to load down the road.

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@Chickenbiscuit Does paint work? Im kinda poor :joy::joy:

idk, I don’t think so. Don’t worry about it if you don’t have a photo editor. Its just something I noticed.

Most likely because the nose of the Slipstream reminds you of the latest incarnation of the Danver Bayonet, and I find it hard to disagree.

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Actually yeah, you can save as a jpeg in paint. That’ll save some space.

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For comparison, here’s what the Bayonet looks like from the front:

It’s obvious that the Slipstream’s front end is inspired by the Bayonet’s, but the rear? Not so much.

More to the point, I would like to find out more about the whole Pararaxy range, especially the engine and transmission options for each model, including the historic ones.

Edit: Here’s a Fiera for comparison:

Turns out the Slipstream’s exterior design owes less to the Fiera than the Bayonet.

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Kinda similar, but I was thinking more Kamata Fiera :stuck_out_tongue:

wow that does look like my car. Original thought is dead :confused:

I somewhat happy with how it turned out I might change the front (again). It also doesn’t have a name so maybe someone can come up with a cool name.


I think I’ve seen this before. Was it on the official design challenge?

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@squidhead the rear lights come from one of the cars

What, like these ones?


@MrChips I hope you don’t mind me using your idea, it reminded me a bit of the Honda NSX and a bit of Aston Martin

Honestly, it’s probably not a good idea to lift other peoples designs for your own posts without asking or giving credit. It’s not the end of the world with it being a game and all though.

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Well, I am actually quite flattered you saw fit to borrow from my design, but also a little annoyed you just straight-up copied it shape for shape and colour for colour. I mean, there are any number of things you could have changed to make it unique - and I genuinely hope you do make those changes, because at the the end of the day designing your car is exactly that - designing YOUR car. Make it something unique and special that reflects your own personal style!


Yeah, not good to borrow other peoples work, it would be like if in IRL Ford should copy the grille from Aston Martin and put it on the Fies…oh, wait. :thinking: