My issues with the new hyper car bodies (08_jpn_hyper)

First off: I think more hypercar bodies is more better and I really do appreciate the new line of car bodies introduced with the new beta.
But unfortunately they have some issues I want to adress. Those apply mostly to all three variants (08_jpn_hyper_xs_cpp; 08_jpn_hyper_l_cpp; 08_jpn_hyper_xl_cpp), so I will only mention the wheelbase if relevant.

1.) Body height/ general proportions
The bodies appear to be to flat and look squished when looked at from the side. While it might be okay for the longer wheelbases, one does really wonder how a driver might fit into the smallest one. I know they are supposed to be low-slung, because racecar, but compared to similar bodies (BodyEditor_10Roadster_FB_Preview; BodyEditor_10sSupercar01Small_Preview) it seems very squished and disproportionate… (notice that these are the small miata and mclaren bodies, so they are pretty small cars to begin with)

My suggestion would be to put a morph in to get a roof line with a bigger greenhouse and more realistic cabin space/height:

2.)Wheel Arches / Fenders
The current shape of the lower parts of the wheel arches is really limiting design choices. Any ride height other than extremly close to the ground looks bad as the wheels look very much “out of center” and even clip into the lower bits of the arches. This applies to front and rear alike.
A morph to switch between straight down and following the curve of the tyres could really help here.

I would also really apppreciate a morph that allows us to lower the fender lines to make them more flush to the bonnet/frunk/engine cover areas.

3.) It’s too boxy
Mainly the sides, but also the front and rear have little to no shaping to them, which makes it hard to use with anything that is not extrem body shaping/3D fixtures. I know it is intended for use with the hyper car kit etc., for which it is pretty much perfect, but other than that stylig options are limited. It reminds me the not-focus bodys before they got reworked.
Pretty much different door seems that don’t go to the ground, a more rounded lower body edge and maybe one or two “character morphs” to give a bit more shaping to the sides would do the trick

4.) Two seat rows
I mean … that’s not how it is supposed to be, is it? Might be the easiest and most straightforward fix of them all.

5.) Miscellaneous

  • 08_jpn_hyper_l_cpp has neither cargo nor cabin space.

  • I noticed that all the new families added (08_jpn_hyper; 08_jpn_coupe/sedan/mpv; stylish_SUV_09 all wheelbases and bodystyles) have the same lift values. Is that correct? I’m no physics expert, but this seems off to me.

I tried to be as objective as I could, but if I missed or misinterpreted something, call me out.
Hopefully this helps you devs to improve the bodies.
If anyone has more feedback on these issues, feel free to add to the discussion!
(I put the thread under suggestions, as it is not a bug report or other support issue)

Cheers, Hipi