My launcher won't download the new update for stand-alone users


I use the stand-alone version of Automation Game and i’ve had no trouble with the game, until the last update posted november 9th 2016 came up on my launcher…

It’s asking if i want to download the new launcher for the game. If i click “no”, the launcher closes and i can’t play the game.
If i click “yes” a error report shows up:

“unable to complete the download. Please ask for support on Automation’s support forum, refering to the following error:
The external server returned the message (400) invalid request.”

Can anyone please explain what to do?:slight_smile:


There is a link to the new launcher you need to download on top of the post that displays when you start the old launcher. Use that and you will be set up to play the new version.

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The error report blocked the launcher-window so i couldn’t press the link, but i found it on the forum and installed it manually… :slight_smile:

Now the error report is gone but the launcher freeze when i try to download the update…


With so much updating troubles I’d think it would be best to switch over to Steam (for free), their install procedure and platform is much more solid than our little launcher tool :disappointed:

You can convert your key here: