Need help with non-steam version!

I downloaded the Automation demo from the website to see if it was for me, and it is. However, i dont have the money to purchase the full game right now. I want to get some mods that work with the demo into it so i can get more used to the way it works, and so they’ll be there when i unlock the rest of the game. I’m talking new car bodies, engines, and along with the relatively small stuff like grills, headlights, vents, wings, and maybe some turbo/supercharging if it’s possible.

Any help with this would be much appreciated, i’m new to the forums and not sure where this kind of question would go, so i hope its okay to post it here.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The mods don’t work in the demo? Oh, because there’s only like 2-3 bodies in the demo, right? It’s been a while and I can’t remember now. Did you try installing one to see?

I downloaded and installed the community mod pack as best i could, but it was never even extracted to the game file. When i tried to do it manually the game disn’t recognize it. Probably because it was made for the steam version, but there is no steam demo so i dont know what other mod packs to try.

And there is one hatchback body in the demo, with one in-line 4 cylinder engine.

Im willing to try just about everything?

Well, I only had the demo for a couple of days before I bought the game, so I can’t remember much about it’s limitations, and there were no mods at all back then. It sounds like the demo doesn’t accept mods, which makes sense actually since I knew there were limited options in the demo already. Probably just have to wait until you can buy the full version of this super-duper awesome game to have the extra options, I’m sorry to say.

I wish i had more body choices tho…

When you buy the full version, you can! :slight_smile: