New campaign mode series

Hi all!

I have been thinking about starting a campaign mode video series, as I really like this kind of content, but there’s barely any to be found.

I have an idea for what I might make if I do an “easier start” (as in not 100x), but what about a tiny factory start? You’re mostly left building luxury cars or gt/sports cars, things which have already been done in series.

Hopefully the people on the forum have some new ideas for what I should make, or even some twists on the “classic” campaign starts.


The most difficult possible (tech levels is up to you, but the lower the better.) sounds interesting.

100x is a very popular mode indeed, but all starts look the same, as I’ve said.

Any ideas about what the company should specialize in? (luxury and light sport is overdone)

Maybe a playthrough based on economy cars from archana with a 10x-20x starting difficulty and small factories ?


Does sound pretty solid. The only hurdle would be the fuel incompatibility at first, so if I end up doing this I’ll have to think if I should just start in 1946, or wait until Archana moves to 91 leaded instead of 85 unleaded


Just going to throw in some ideas, might not be completely coherent but some assortment of these might give you inspiration:

  1. Try to do a Fruinia 80x-ish start: Small Land Tiny Factory, Small Engine Land, no money, maybe one point in body to access the tiny hatchback in '47. Try to follow the philosophy of small, cheap, fuel efficient cars until the 60’s, and then branch out into a sports category and commuter/delivery - kind of cover the italian bases.

  2. Engine focused save - try to make long lasting engines, with the exception of the first one maybe, and see how long you can stretch one, say from 1970-2005 or so. You can do something like toyota for demographic inspiration.

  3. Industry giant save - take porsche, nissan, toyota or any big company and try to follow their path - multiple car families simultaneously, stay ahead in tech, starting difficulty would have to be lower for ease of replicating the start but would be tough to keep up in all markets. Idea is to try to stay in the top 5 in whatever markets you manufacture for.

  4. American save could work - muscle cars, utility vehicles, big engines and big cars, fuel economy in the gutter.

I think any save could work as long as you try to build something cohesive and try to roleplay or create a story - I think there are some videos where people go full optimal and that can get boring very quickly, making suboptimal choices for the sake of the story will make it interesting.

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Ive tried out a similar start a few times, the way I’ve gotten around the fuel octane hurdle by eventually investing in a second engine factory for producing export engines that run on higher octanes and meet the more strict emission requirements.

That’s what I was also thinking of, making another engine variant

Would love to see if something like the VW Beetle lifespan is plausible in a campaign, a good family car with decent price with lots of evolution on the same body :eyes:


The body age penalty would be the only thing holding it back.

If I do an Archana start, then having a car last for decades will be a must, I’m pretty sure


The first episode is here, and sooner than expected!


And would you look at that, the second episode is up


The front end of your first truck line looks… sad, to say the least, and would be improved if the grille slots were parallel to the horizontal axis. That aside, they should be reliable workhorses for decades to come.

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I made the grille “tilted” so it doesn’t look like a generic jeep clone. Safe to say that probably won’t be sticking around for the next gen. (But it would be funny to bring back as “retro” in the 2000s)

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