New Guitar Day 🤗

Ok so This is just me showing off my newest child. (Warning the pics are very shit as they are taken from my crappy phone better pics tomorrow)

This is a custom made 7 string from a company called Halo Guitars.

The body and neck are made from paulownia wood and shaped in between a cross of an ibanez Destroyer and a Gibson Explorer with a set neck with a carved shoulder. Inside it is fully shielded with 500k dimarzio volume/tone pots with 0.22 capacitors. The pickups are dimarzio with a 7 string version of steve via’s blaze in the neck and a 7 string super distortion in the bridge. The tuners are Grover locking units, the nut is brass, and the bridge is a 7 string Tune-O-Matic. Very stoked I waited 3 Months for this.


Nice :slight_smile: I can vouch for the Blaze 7’s in the neck, really nice sounding… I have a pair of those in my Ibanez.

Fighting GAS myself atm, as i fell in love with another one of the *strandberg guitars shown at NAMM, but dam they are expensive.

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