No updates from steam

I have the steam version and i have the open beta but it do not show me anymore updates like the new one that was up yesterday Help ?

Which version does the game show you you are running?

Game Version 150622

So how is that NOT the one that was released yesterday? :wink:

Ohh i feel like an idiot now xD hahah

You can try to see if you just got another update B150623… restart Steam if necessary.

I have the Steam version, and my version is showing as 150409. It’s happening on both my desktop and laptop, even when removing and reinstalling the game, or even reinstalling on a fresh windows install (my laptop).

edit - and apparently I’ve opted out of betas for the game in steam. So I’ve missed all updates since because of that.
I’m going to be going away for a few minutes to beat up Steam.