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North American International Auto Show 2018

Holts C7R

The TrackFocused C7 With its 770+HP and 900+ft-lb torque, Using the same 7.4L V8


2018 Nohda Assent: Coming soon…


It looks like the last civic :slight_smile:

Coming soon from Petoskey Motors ZLC…


Zasteros "Cologne" GL (GoldLine Series)

With a new face and a 4.0L V8 transplant......



Welcome to the 2018 North American International Auto Show, folks! It’s good to be back at Detroit, as this show never fails to impress. There’s been a right slew of teasers and announcements already, which began with…

SI-7 - The first teaser told us it had 822 hp, so it’s ripe for the hypercar market. Plus, triple exhausts on both sides; yes please.

EVE teased another new electric car, and like many electric cars at the moment, it seems to have taken on the habit of looking completely blank and featureless save for some thin design lines that represent efficiency or something. They followed it up with a Radiohead-inspired ‘transmission’, saying that “power is yours”. Oh I really do just love it when companies try to apply philosophical phrases to cars. I really so very much do. Really.

A new version of the Prairie from RCM is on the way, and the clear feature is its parrallelogramic lights. Looks decent from this shady teaser picture, so with any luck, it’ll hold its own when we see the real thing.

AL Autos will be in attendance, and at long last, they seem to have tamed their vent fetish.

DMA teased a truck that looks like it belongs on the set of Dallas and teaser of another DMA badge on some kind of car. It’s probably something sporty given how ‘surprising’ it’s going to be.

Wohay! Looks like RCM have some competition at this show, Shromet’s updated Adirondack is on the way. Let the battle of the trucks commence!

Montes’s updated Urban will finally be making its debut. We’ve had a number of spy shots and leaks about the family hatchback for the past few months, with all leads pointing to a facelifted version of the car with the usual mid-lifespan engine and equipment update.

Linden are presenting “an analog[ue] driver’s car in the traditional sense”. Well, if you insist; it’s called the LE52 and it looks like a knock-off of a knock-off car from GTA. Manual gearbox, premium interior, sportier and quieter version available etc…it’s the usual sports coupe forté.

So then Zasteros, the answer to the equation of “Performance + Economy” is the Eyeore of mid-engined supercars?. Somehow I think the dopey looking Monte Vettore might not quite be it, however exotic that name may be. As always, I’m open to being proven wrong, but we’ll have to wait for the main show to do that.

PROJECT 400 is…a thing. It’s black, it’s got exhausts, it’s probably some fast racecar-for-the-road thing. Etc, etc…

“Making it possible to be In touch with the world in the smallness of a car.” I had to read that back to myself and get my colleague Sophie to read it back to. Neither of us could work out what it meant. As for the car tagged with it, it’s called “Project Goldline”, it isn’t actually gold and it appears to have come straight out of the Honda design studios circa 1985. Thankfully, and I’m not sure how they managed to do this, they managed to significantly restyle the car in the space of a few days. At leats it looks more interesting.

Uh-oh. Monolith’s teaser for the new 270 says it hates VVL. At least they’re (probably) in tune with their customer base. Some commentators were keen to point out that “The tagline implies a pushrod engine (which is incompatible with VVL by design)”. Yes, thank you for stating the bloody obvious.

Holts teased a new car earlier in the week, and followed it up with a picture reveal. The final result? Well, it’s a smart looking sports coupe that’s what. 7.4l V8 to boot, whopping great grill at the front and fat quad exhausts at the rear. There’s way too many daytime running lights on the front for its own good, but otherwise, it looks damn decent.

The upcoming Monarch Gariche M-GT Concept will be revealed at the show and holy god is it over done. The rear looks absurd, the front is confused. Here’s hoping it’ll be prettier in the flesh.

Rennen will be releasing some concept cars over the course of the year, dubbed “LEC-X”. Oh no, the dredded ‘E’; are Rennen going electric? I mean, that’s a very smart move, it just depends on how its executed…

The Orion Cerberus and Olympus Sagittarius are making their debuts and honestly I am lost for words. They’re like budget, Halfords knock-off imitations of TVRs. The subsequent photos released did not help. Mind you, no word on specs yet, so there is some hope there…

[Hennessy Motor Company}(North American International Auto Show 2018 - #38 by Battleboss98) revealed the Le Mans Turbo, a circa-Gran Turismo 2 looking 1132hp hypercar. There might be some issues with that name however, given that the HMC marque is in the running for creating the biggest legal battle in the Automationverse’s history; it originally belonged to the Holland Motor Company of the Netherlands, was also taken on by the Harnish Motor Company who even borrowed the badge design of Holland, and is currently in used by Holts Motor Company.
I’ll leave it to the lawyers to sort that one out…

IMP revealed the first (potential) update to the Alpine mini-off roader in over 20 years. It looks good, and a slew of information came with it. The short of it is: proper off roading suspension, good range of engines with an i3, i4 and even a V6, proper four wheel drive transmission and a fairly decent price tag. I know absolutley nothing about off-roaders but I am assuming this is good.

INCOMING! FRENCH CAR IN BOUND! AND IT’S NOT A MERCIEL! Deverre’s new Fusion GTS is here, and it’s a front wheel drive, 362 hp monster. Has not elegance to its styling, looks like it’ll do no more than 25 mpg and will probably be a nightmare to daily, but heck I’m down to see how good this thing is to drive.

Zasteros revealed another car, the Finheit. It claims to allow you to “tour the world in comfort”. Thankfully, by using it to tour the world, you’ll be able to sit pretty with the comfort of knowing that by being inside it you don’t have to look at the outside.

The new Nodha Assent is here! And boy does it look like the car it’s imitating. Which is a good thing, might I add.

The new Petoskey Stag will be making its appearance, and the good news is that it’s going to have a V10 under the bonnet. Yes please!

So, a packed show ahead, but there’s very promising stuff here. Roll on the press days!

- Gavin Anderson


I still have a long way to make better looking cars, I guess ! :sweat_smile:

Welcome to the Contendiente stand.

NAIAS 2018.

The 2019 Contendiente Enemigo.

2019 Contendiente Enemigo S shown in cabrio form.

Contendiente Enemigo S in coupé form.


Bonham is glad to present the Fleming Drophead

Here are the first press shots of the new 2019 Fleming Drophead. Directly based on the successful coupe model first released in Tokyo last year, the convertible model of the Fleming was a natural continuation for the luxury GT range.
A canvas top was chosen for the ease of storage and reduced weight. All in, the Drophead has had no weight increases, thanks to the rigid nature of the glued aluminium chassis.

Both engine options from the coupe will be offered.

Further details, specs, pricing and performance stats will be released on the press event at the Bonham stand.


I should have seen this one coming… And it’s just what the Fleming deserved. A convertible version would be a logical additiom to the range.

812 hp.
22 mpg.
2.9 seconds.
221 mph.


Devorak by Kimura. A family hauler, back-road brawler, and all-terrain crawler.

LCi4 trim shown in Damask Red Metallic.

LCi4 trim shown in Damask Red Metallic.

More info can be found in the official Kimura website.


Welcome to the Montes Stand

The 2018 Montes Urban (MY19)

Three years after the release of the sixth generation of Montes Urban, today we show the restyling version.

At first glance, it may seem that only changes have been made at an aesthetic level, but in reality, almost the entire car has been remodeled. Use the same chassis and body design, but the materials change. Using now for the first, lightweight AHS steel, and for the second, aluminum completely.

At the engine level, it also launches the new SCHI family, both in 4 cylinders, as in the previously seen, v6 3.5l, used in the RXS-6. Improves both in terms of efficiency, sound, power delivery, torque and reliability, to the previous 4 DiSi cylinders, as well as the V6, compared to the previous V6 of 3 and 3.2 liters.

The geometry of suspensions is the same used in the pre-restyling version, but has also been completely redesigned, but the shock absorbers have new tare and internal design, as well as the springs, to obtain a compromise between ride quality, sportsmanship and low rolling, not seen before.

In the aesthetic section, the optical groups have been changed, both in front and behind.

In front, now they are provided with full Matrix LED lighting, and in the Exclusive and MRP finish, as an option for € 3000, high beam laser lights.

The grille has also undergone a redesign to adapt it to the cooling requirements of the new engines, as well as improve the aesthetics, and have active cooling flaps to improve the aerodynamic coefficient.

Inside, it has been redesigned until the last screw, to increase the feeling of quality of the materials, as well as their adjustments, and to avoid crunching as much as possible.

And in the Luxury and Exclusive finishes, the dashboard is available, as well as the door panels and seats, covered in genuine quality leather, for when you sit in the cabin, seeing the atmosphere that surrounds it and feel the materials, it feels like in a vehicle of superior category, putting a standards of quality of materials and manufacture in the segment, never before seen.

In terms of engines and transmissions, we have a total of 5 engines available. All, except for the 3.5 MRP, turbo. A turbo with spherical bearings, accompanied by an intercooler, which works with low pressure, to obtain the greatest possible response, and the lowest possible lag.

These engines, thanks to the combination of pistons with a specific antifriction treatment, as well as the turbo and direct injection, achieve up to 37.7% thermal efficiency, without the need to resort to hybrid technology. A milestone that allows Diesel consumption in a gasoline engine, in addition to very low emissions.

The available transmissions are of 6 speeds, both in manual and double clutch (MDC), which are responsible for sending the work of the engine to the rear wheels, where you will find the differential.

Available differentials of three types: viscous for all normal versions, except the Exclusive, mechanical for the GT Turbo, and electronic for the MRP 3.5, as well as for the Exclusive.

For more information, we have model catalogs, from which, from today, you can request a driving test, as well as request the purchase of a unit.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Urban_2018_Brochure_Rev2.zip (2.6 MB)

EDIT: corrected an issue on the brochure (3.5 MRP engine capacity).


EVE Logo


The Ace on the River
And we present :

Project 400
The next Big Deal

This happens when you let you R&D Team have some creative time.
A 1200 HP Carbon Monster.
7.5L of Turbo V12 pushing you to 400km/h.
The luxury Interior and Active Suspension will comfort you while cruising.
But with a flick of switch the seat will hug you into place while conquering every curvy road.
And you will need them when you get pushed into the seat with a 0-100 time of 2.3 sec

Sadly this is only a Prototype at the moment.
We are still working on it to make it even better.
At the moment we are using it mostly as a testcar for other other techs.
For example our ActiveInterior(TM) which will adjust to each Drive Mode.
In "GT Mode" the seats will be softer to allow for longer trips,
While in "Race Mode" they will support you more and hold you more in place

We brought it here to primarly show the public how we work and what they can may expect in the future.
But we are also interested of course if there is a demand for it.
We do have plans to build it for a limited number, but we do need to know if there is a market.
We expect a more refined design in the next months.
But most of the blueprints are done by now.
So if we started Production we expect the first car around Mid 2019
We don't have a fixed price yet, but it would be in the higher figures.
But don't be sad. We have more to come this year.

Holts H2

Visit Holts Motor Company For More Details


Americans like Trucks, so do we. People want off-road trucks with a Diesel engine, we give them a Sports Truck with a gasoline engine.

What to know: I was contemplating giving this a 5.4L V12, but it wouldn’t have fit the realistic approach of Monolith. This is why it’s ended up with a turbocharged version of the standard 2.7L Inline 4, with 278hp and 400Nm. There is very little in the way of choice for transmissions, 7-speed manual, rear-wheel-drive and factory limited slip differential. The sports suspension package with quicker steering ratio, uprated shock absorbers, thicker sway bars and frame reinforcements combined with 245/45R19 sports tires increase the cornering ability. Performance is not terrible, with 0-62 in 5,8s and a non-limited top speed of 153mph.

And worst of all, because this engine happens to be equipped with VVL, it achieves 48mpg on the NATC (New Automation Test Cycle).

2018 Monolith S270GT:

2659cc DOHC 16V Inline 4 Turbocharged [IMP FE27GET], 278hp, 400Nm, 7MT, RWD, 1520kg, 48mpg, $36,500 (@ 35% markup)



Nohda @NAIAS 2018

Welcome to the Nohda stand at NAIAS 2018

2018 Nohda Assent L120

Initially introduced in 2012, the 9th generation Nohda Assent has become one of the best selling cars in the US domestic market, with over 250,000 sales in 2015. The new 2018 facelift overhauls the look of the car, giving it a more aggressive stance.

The new Assent will come with the same engines and trim levels as before, however, the Hybrid Assent, which was features the same hybrid system as the 2010 model, now has a brand new Hybrid Drive system called “TwinDrive™”

With TwinDrive, the new Assent can reach up to 81 mpg.

The new Assent will go on sale in the US on the 20th January and on the 31st in Europe, with prices starting from $21,000.


2019 Zasteros Monte Vettore

The Zasteros Monte Vettore, named after an Italian Mountain is an affordable entry - level hypercar without the hypercar costs and maintanance.

With it planned for a limited monthly production in 2019, Zasteros will ship out a 1,000 car production run in Summer 2018 as a “First Edition” sold for $66,500

It isn't all quirky looks and no perfomance, with a 3.5 L Inline 6 Turbo dubbed the "ST6.35" producing 555.6 hp @ 7500 RPM and 590 Nm @ 5300 RPM, redlining at 8200 RPM.

Mated to a RWD 5-Speed Dual Clutch transmission with E-Diff, Together with a lightweight All-CarbonFibre Body, It goes like a hypercar with a top speed of 350 km/h / 217 mp/h with a 0-60 in 2.9s while still having a fuel economy of 59.0MPG.

Step inside the car, and you will find the normal luxuries found on a normal city car, A Center Screen Infotainment ; Sport Bucket Seat ; Electric Sport Steering ; Traction Control and ABS ; Airbags ; Collision Warning System ; and many more!

Zasteros will be holding out a test car session for you to find out its true potential! :Zasteros Monte Vettore - Complete.car (22.0 KB)


Rennen LEC-MTR. The first of 3 concepts spreads it’s wings on road and on track.

More information can be found at the official Rennen Website.