Not all mods are detected in-game (UE4.27)

It’s been an issue since today now, but whenever I started the game for some reason all mods does not detect properly. Restarted, reinstalled and all possible methods have tried and failed.

PC Specs: i7-7700HQ, GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, 16GB RAM, Windows 11 Education 21H2

Log file for anyone to share:

AutomationGame.log (635.6 KB)

Kinda bumping this but the issue is still not yet fixed as of today.

I wanna add on my experiences to this - it’s not just BannedByAndroid having issues with this.

For ALC, I deleted all the entries and reimported, to make sure I had current versions of the cars. Around a third of the field failed to import - including one car on a mod body I knew I had, which was complaining about not having the body. Many of these were cars I had just deleted; by all logic, they should’ve worked.

I reinstalled the game, nothing changed. I unsubscribed from everything in Delta’s collection and resubscribed, nothing changed. I went to sleep and turned on the game the next day, everything works.