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[OBSOLETE] The "guess-what-car" game

I knew it looked familiar! It’s the Rhombus Concept, and I guess Changfeng College for the brand.


That’s it! Bravo :slight_smile:

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That’s the strangest contraption I’ve ever seen referred to as a car. Kinda cool though, ngl

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Where can I throw up?

When chinese colleges wants to be Espera Sbarro…

"80’s Ford Mustang?


'80s Chevrolet Camaro?

1983 Chevy Monte Carlo SS?

That’s the one

Hijack then

To get it going again

PS Bonus like for getting the car reflecting in the glass right, but that’s not the one that you need to guess :wink:

The reflecting one is a Peugeot 107 or Citroen C1?

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ford cortina

No, not a Cortina

@S31 Yup, enjoy your bonus points and good luck with the actual guessing topic :wink:

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Triumph Herald?


renault r8?

With such a Dutch street, It would surprise me if it isn’t a DAF 55

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Yeah, that’s it, your turn :slight_smile:


The next one, a car I made a very short testdrive with: