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[OBSOLETE] The "guess-what-car" game

If it was the last generation of Smart you would be able to see kind of a latch in the front grille like on a Mk3 Twingo


2016 Smart ForTwo Hard top.


Looks like some super obscure variant that only those who’ve seen it will find. Polish, English, German nor French Wikipedia don’t seem helpful…

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Anyone wants a hint?

Me for sure :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s amazing what you can find on Alibaba!

Find me a page where this car appears and you’re the winner :wink:

Apparently typing “car” into Alibaba and scrolling a bit is all it took to find this:

Looks like it’s made by BAW, no idea what the model is called.

Also, damn, there really are loads of weird copycat cars listed on Alibaba, that wasn’t even the only knockoff of that gen Smart I came across.

Well done!

I found a model name C01

I had another one named Lichi with the same body!! :smile:

Those knock off are so ugly, it’s a nightmare!!

Your turn!

Pontiac Vibe?


Just to be clear, the vehicle in the foreground.

Toyota 4runner from the early 90’s?

Darn, I was hoping it would be harder than that. Your turn.

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Perhaps the image was chopped a little too much. Here’s a little more of it.


Chrysler 300 Hemi C concept


Generic but should be ez