PAYDAY 2 - Automation Crew

PayDay 2 is free on Steam.

For paranoia’s sake… I do not condone or support the actions that are portrayed in PayDay 2.

@squidhead Your giveaway post reminded me to share this on here. I completely forgot. Credit is due.


Payday 2 is a fun game, I’ve got around 200 hours on it. Haven’t played at all recently but if some of you are interested we can form an Automation crew :slight_smile:


I’m downloading it then yeah why not, if my lame co allows it ^^

I’d be interested in that now that my PC is working again, warning tho, I like, never played this game lol

Also nabbed :smile:

Grabbed it, though I’ll give very much fair warning that I’m absolutely terrible at shooters in general. (That said, I still find them fun.)

Free games are always good.


I now have this. Also a headset and because I’m ill - quite a bit of free time

I grabbed it, and realized it was a very good decision. I’m definitely having fun with this game. :smiley:

Glad to hear people are enjoying it.

Maybe we can all play a round together sometime, as @phale suggested.
Time zones, and potentially ping could be an issue… but I’m sure we can work something out.

Should we make a Steam group or something?

My steam name is also phale

I believe there was an Automation group on Steam… but I can’t seem to find it.

If not, then making a Steam group for Automation forum members sounds like a good idea. That group could be used to coordinate gameplay for this and all other games.

Join the group here!

@KA24DE @EmpireAutomotive @cpufreak101 @ramthecowy @Madrias @squidhead @EnryGT5


I also found a few other Automation groups:

Let’s use the Automation Crew group specifically to coordinate playing other games together. If you know any other Payday veterans or newbies, be sure to invite them!


Joined :slight_smile:

Look for the fluffy moth.

I’m there.

Just joined in

I joined. FYI, I change my Steam name and avatar occasionally to something random.

I don’t feel like making another thread for this, but Killing Floor is free.