Paying Hommage Challenge

2009 Quaglia GT500

We at Grifone decided to slack off and render this thing yeah epic


2009 Quaglia GT500 Concept

By Cacca di cavallo Studios


2009 Quaglia GT500 by Kishiwo designs korea

S h O w C a R

2009 Quaglia GT400 Concept

The 2009 Quaglia GT512 reimagined by Pacifico Design


2009 Quaglia GT400H by Gearhouse studios

I need a proper name for my car company


I had a lot of difficulty with this. 00’s is not my forte and honestly that design on a modern car really sucks so here’s what I thought it might be like.


Would like to see that in a deep luxurious red. :slight_smile:

Quaglia GT450 By Lünnerden Design Studio

More Pics

2009 Quaglia GT450 Homage by LaVelle Studios



A Legend. Reborn.

The 2009 Quaglia GT 400.


Just 1 more days left till the deadline and the entries that i’ve got so far is -


If you already sent me a .car file but didn’t get mentioned, you can hit me up.


Entry Submission is now closed!

Expecting the review drops down in a couple of days from now

4 Months Later...

“Here we are, sir. 10 submissions from designers around the world.” Agnese said to Tony while holding a clipboard where can she write some notes and do some checklist about the satisfaction of the designs.

“10 entrees? Not bad, not bad at all. Not a lot but not less. Let’s check out on each cars.” Tony said.

Quaglia GT500 by @Boiled_Steak

“Magnifica! What a beautiful piece of machinery! I liked how this car’s overall looks!” Tony exclaimed with a huge smile on him.

“It sure is, sir.” Agnese replied.

“I love how how the side was sculpted and designed, it looks elegant and sporty. Additional bonus to that side vent!” Tony points up with his finger, giving a sign +1 to Agnese point while she writes down the note.

“The rear is nicely done too, everything flows well and and i like how the diffuser was made. Though, it’s a bit a bit too flat on the rear. Put this on the list, Agnese. I like this one.” Tony exclaimed.

“Yes, sir.” Agnese writes down the proposal name on the clipboard.

“On to the next, car!” Tony said.

Quaglia GT400 Concept by @desperatedonut5

“I see this one is more closely resemblance to the original car. A point to the car, Agnese.” Tony points up again indicating a point was added.

“May i interrupt, sir but the front looks like an insect.” Agnese can’t help but noticed the front looks like an insect.

“Yeah, i can noticed that by the awkwardly sized headlights.” Tony puts his hand on his chin. “Although it looks akin to more the original one, i don’t like how it was designed, but i liked on how the hood was designed. On to the side.”

“Hmm, interesting design on the sides. Experimental elements like the original one. Also, that door handle angle is just a big no to me. Too much angle making it is awkward to open the door.” Tony then moves to the rear of the car, followed by Agnese.

“Still basing on the original car, eh?” Tony said while checking out the rear end of the car. “Yeah, i’m not feeling with the rear. The tailights are too big and the letterings are too big too, making it looking like a cartoon-ish car.”

“And the reflector too, sir.” Agnese added.

“Yeah, that too. Agnese, i’m not considered this car on the list.” Tony and Agnese then moved to the other car.

S h O w C a R by @CriticalSet9849

“Interesting proposal name… did a teenager named this car, Agnese?” Tony curiously asked to Agnese.

“I’m not sure, sir but i guess their studio hired a wrong kind of employee.” Agnese shrugged while holding a clipboard.

“Right, on to the car! I see this proposal is focused on being an American muscle car rather than being your typical European GT car. Points for being adventurous and not like others.” Tony added while Agnese wrote down the notes.

“First thing that i noticed is that plastic bars that is on the front, it looks it is belong on a cheap car not on a muscle car like this!” Tony exclaimed. “Other than being cheap, it looks rather outdated design-wise but i do give them credit for at least looks like the original one with the fog lights setup.” Tony added and then moved to the side of the car.

“Oh yeah, forgot to mention that the colour is a beauty too.” Tony added another note to Agnese.

“Again with these plastic strips, i don’t really like it.” Tony said. “But i love the lettering and the vent on the side. A nice detail to it albeit the vents are a bit too big.” Tony added.

“Moving to the rear, they really love plastics huh? I guess they really hired some teenagers at their studio eh?” Tony sarcastically said. “Other than that, it just looks average to me although the plate placement are waaay too low, making the middle bit looks empty. Agnese, let’s not add this to the list. On to the other car.” Tony added.

“Right, sir.” Agnese replied.

Quaglia GT500 by @Just4

“Experimental design like the original one, i like it.” Tony was quite surprised by the car’s design.

“Quite it is, sir.” Agnese replied.

“Right so, first of all. Although it is experimental design, i don’t like on how the front looks. It looks like it’s about to kill me on how the front was designed.” Tony was quite surprised with how the front-end looks as it’s look like a serial killer according to him. They then moved on the side of the car.

“That is a messy looking side. The door handle suffers the the same problem as our previous proposal, way too angled and too small. Experimental but executed poorly, sadly.” Tony then let out a sigh and then moved to the rear of the car.

“It looks like an angry blobby fish.” Tony then gave a laugh followed by Agnese with a small giggle. “Where do i even begin?” Tony added.

“I’d say the tailights first, sir.” Agnese added.

“Yeah, let’s start with that. It is awkwardly positioned at there and a bit too small too. Followed by the unnecessary carbon fibre plate holder lip. Though i like how the diffuser was designed and would’ve look better with the diffuser lip? I don’t know what’s going on there.” Tony confused looking at the diffuser lip thingy?

“I take that you don’t like this, sir?” Agnese asked to Tony.

“Yeah, i appreciate their effort for being experimental but it is executed poorly. Not interested on this car, Agnese. Onwards to the next car!” Tony said, implying that he doesn’t accept this car on the list.

“Right, sir.”

Quaglia GT400H by @SpeedyBoi

“Another beautiful piece of machinery! I can’t wait to look much deeper on this car.” Tony got excited when he looked at this car. It is stunningly beautiful.

“Starting on the front…” Tony then does the air kiss to the car. " I like it so far, obviously it is heavily inspired by the original BUT it is executed properly! It even got that original that spreaded wing with the circle in the middle like the original one although i’m not sure if the bystanders can survive that when they got hit. Also, i’m not sure if the driver can see the side mirrors on the fenders as it got blocked by the A pillar." Tony then moved to the side of the car.

“It sits rather low or waay too low but i like how there’s the chrome line starting from the front arches. Moving on the rims, the wire rims with white walls on this car are a bit too much, in my humble opinion. A modern rims would be just fine enough.” Tony said and then moved on the rear of the car.

“How can i not stopping like this car? It looks futuristic yet stay true to the original design, i like it. Everything else on the rear looks beautiful and nicely designed albeit i guess you put the license plate on top of the diffuser? It never mentioned on the proposal but oh well. Add this car to the list, Agnese.” Tony said to Agnese.

Agnese then nodded and wrote down the proposal on the list.

To Be Continued...


Oh, I do see the bugeye in it now :sweat_smile:. Anyways congrats on those who progressed! This was a fun challenge to do!

Part 2 of The Review

QV512 Speciale’ by @micz244

“What a bright yellow boy here.” Tony was kinda surprised at the so bright yellow paint from this proposal.

“An angry yellow bee…” Agnese said.

“I can see that…” Tony replied to Agnese. “Right, we’re here not thinking about bees, let’s review this machinery.”

Tony walked to the front of the car and put his hand on his chin. “Part of me that i liked this front and part of me says something different… but i like the front of it buuut the outer lips of the grille, it looks like it’s constantly screaming at me and that side vents looks out of place there, to be honest.”

Tony then moved to the side of the car and noticed the beautifully crafted side vents. “And i already found my favourite proposal… for now.” Tony said while he can’t stop looking at the beautiful vents. “I really really love that vents.”

“Beautiful vents but the rims looks like it doesn’t belong there.” Agnese said.

“Yeah, this rims looks like it belongs NOT on this car, more spokes would’ve been fine.” Tony said and they moved to the rear of the car.

“Oooh, split window and bubble roof, just noticed that somehow but i liked it!.” Tony again was surprised by the proposal. “Split roof and bubble roof but the tailights especially the steel part looks out of place and the badging are quite huge. Apart from that, everything else doesn’t flow well with the design and it doesn’t resemble to the front.”

“I take that this is a no, sir?” Agnese asked to Tony.

“My heart says no and my brain says yes, i’m not sure, Agnese.” Tony replied while putting his hand on his chin. “Your thoughts?”

“Honestly, sir. As beautiful the side vents is, the front and the rear of this car is a no from me.” Agnese replied.

“Then, let’s not considering this then.” Tony and Agnese then moved to other car.

Quaglia GT450 by @randomtuner

“Another a good looking car but the first thing i saw is the rims… Cool design but it looks like someone forgot to paint the outer lip…” Tony said and then moved to the front of the car.

“Quite a looker indeed, i like the front. Although i’m not sure what’s going on with the foglights and indicator, it looks like it was being cramped there at the last minute. But hey, other than that i really love this front. It has DNA of the original car and a pretty happy car too…” Tony then moved to the side of the car.

“I love that overall side profile of the car, sir.” Agnese said.

“Yeah, i can see that.” Tony replied. “I love how the side vent started from the side indicators, nice detailing right there. Albeit, i wish there’s more sculpting on the side but the one on this car is just good enough.” Tony and Agnese then walked to the rear of the car.

“Magnifica, i love it already. Everything flows well and looks similar the front albeit it suffers the same problem the car before which is big badges. Though, the non-chromed out tailights would’ve been fine enough but other than that, i like it! Add this car to the list, Agnese.”

Agnese nodded then wrote down the proposal on the clipboard.

Quaglia GT450 Homage by @titleguy1

“Another set of beauty machinery and not so offensive yellow too.” Tony exclaimed. “Where do i even begin on this beauty? I really love it already. Agnese, add this to-” Tony said before got interrupted by her secretary.

“Hold on to your horses, sir. I know that you already fall in love with this car but let’s hop in and take a closer look at this car.” Agnese said.

“Right, i gotta hold on my excitement.” Tony adjusted his already fixed tie to cover his shame. “Starting with the front, i like how the headlights was designed. Angry looking headlights which i heard it’s a trend now.” Tony said.

“Yet, you forget about the headlights on QV512 Speciale, sir?” Agnese asked.

“Yeah, i forgot about that oops. Rightfully so, i like the dual foglights, a nice touchup and a callback to the original one. Same goes to the grille too, it’s not an exact copy like the others but another nice touchup. And moving onwards to the side…” Tony exclaimed.

“Not so much going on but i like it although i do hope the side vents is angled a bit to match with the upper sculpting. Onwards to the back of the car.”

“Nicely done on the rear, i like it. Everything flows well with the rear and it got some resemblence from the front. Though, it’s a bit flat and was hoping the tailights a bit bigger or bit longer. I liked the diffuser tho and centered exhaust? Yes please. Agnese, add this car to the list.” Tony said to Agnese and she put the proposal in the clipboard.

Quaglia GT400 by @donutsnail

“Cocaine 'stache.” Agnese said it out of the blue when she looked this car.

“What?” Tony asked curiously.

“Nothing.” Agnese was embarassed after she said that.

“Right… so. All i can see now is that front-end. Chromes galore! I can see they tried to put elements from the original car and apply it with modern touch on it. Apart from the different size of the foglights, it looks weird and spider web design? Interesting…”

Tony said while taking a closer look at the spider web design on the side vents and then stepped back. “Apart from that interesting design, i like that lettering above the grille. Talking about grille, it would’ve been nicer if they didn’t put chrome everywhere on this grille.” Tony and Agnese moved to the side of the car.

“Side exhaust? Fancy and interesting… And letterings too? Another nice detailing too. I love everything on this side of the car although it is sitting a bit too low for my tasting but it can be adjusted when we choose this car that is.” Tony then signalled Agnese to go back of the car.

“Well, that’s a lot of sensors on the back. Gotta know when you reverse a long car, eh?” Agnese jokingly stated.

“I mean, sure that’s a lot but alright. Also, i noticed chromes too. As much i love chromes, this is a bit too much. The rear looks average to me, nothing special.” Tony shrugged.

“Though, it looks funky, add this car to the list, Agnese. Experimental done well.” Tony said to Agnese.

Quaglia ZR by @Sky-High

“And this is our last entry, sir.” Agnese said.

“Last entry already? I was just about to have fun.” Tony let out a small sigh.

“Hmm, already i can tell the front is nicely designed and flows well and i wish there’s more stuff in the main grille, sort of looks empty there… But hey, i liked the foglights setup. It’s nicely put there and another nice callback to the original one. Apart from that, the overall design is just nice.”

They then moved to the side of the car. “Oooh, arrow shaped chrome lining that connects to the door handle, i liked that. But the side vents near the rear rims arches are way too small and was hoping it is bigger.” Tony said and then moved to the side of the car.

“That is one of the heck rear. Moth look-alike which i like. Though where is the reverse lights tho? Looks like someone forgot to put one…” Tony said.

“Agnese, i like this car so add this one to the list and let’s go inside and discuss, can’t stand much longer under blazing sun in my suit…” Tony said to Agnese.

“Rightfully, sir. Let us head in to our cool headquarter…” Agnese replied.

To Be Continued Again...


Part 3 : The Judging

Inside of the Quaglia’s HQ’s Designer’s Quarter.

Quaglia ZR by @Sky-High

“Last entry from outside, first entry in the inside.” Agnese said while ordering the employees adjusting the Quaglia ZR’s position.

Tony watched the process of the moving car… thingy and said “6 finalists, let’s see our next Quaglia Idol.” Tony jokingly said.

Few minutes passed and it’s all set, Tony immediately started judging on the car. “Right, i love everything on this car with a few exceptions. One, the rear sculptings is pretty deep and too messy for my taste. Two, the colour it has proposed. Too boring. Lastly, like i mentioned from outside, they really forgot about the reverse lights, eh?”

“Moving on to our next car…” Tony continued.

Quaglia GT400 by @donutsnail

“Heh… cocaine 'stache.” Agnese said quietly.

Tony did noticed what Agnese said but he ignored it. “Hmm, i can’t get enough of those nice chromed grilles. I love that the designer decided to make the whole car’s design a throwback to the original one. Bring in the next car!” Tony signalled the employees to move in another car.

Quaglia GT450 Homage by @titleguy1

“Well sir, i can’t help but noticed the strikingly beautiful yellow paint on this car.” Agnese said to Tony.

“You’re not alone, Agnese. I really love this yellow colour. And i love the carbon roof too, making it is more schport. Other than schport, like i said earlier i wish the tailights are a bit longer and bigger.” Tony weirdly said the word ‘sport’ for some reason and then asked the employee move in the next car.

Quaglia GT450 by @randomtuner

“Red car as in Italian’s iconic car colour of choice! I just wish the rims are all gold.” Tony looked at the weirdly coloured golden rims.

“I don’t like the vents between the headlights though, sir.” Agnese said.

“Yeah, that vent is just out of place there. But the car overall is just magnifica like others entries.”

Quaglia GT400H by @SpeedyBoi

“Low and sleek, unique to other entries. Also, chromes galore.” Tony said.

“Chromes galore aside, it was done nicely. Not too much yet not too less. I like this car overall design, sir.” Agnese said.

“Yeah, it looks like it was design from the future and i love it.” Tony replied.

Quaglia GT500 by @Boiled_Steak

“First entry on the outside, last entry in the inside.” Agnese said the identical sentence from the first car again.

“Well, i really love on how the car looks. Smooth and nicely designed.” Tony said.

“Apart from it looks pretty barren, the more you look at it.” Agnese said.

“Yeah… that’s the bad point on this car. Right, let’s gather our in-house designers and discuss.” Tony asked to Agnese and she nodded and walked to the door that leads to the designer’s lounge or room or whatever they called it.

Hours of them discussing and the result is…

Final Verdict
Quaglia GT450 Homage by @titleguy1

Congratulation to @titleguy1 on winning this challenge! The overall car is just beautifully designed with how it flows and stuff that i’m know but don’t know how to worded it properly.

Had a blast judging cars on my first round on this forum! I’m thinking more challenges to come as i’m getting hang of this.

As for other finalist, here’s your position.

2nd - @Sky-High
3rd - @Boiled_Steak
4th - @SpeedyBoi
5th - @randomtuner


Not :clap: last :clap:

Thanks for the challenge Hybrid
Trying to make a hommage car is something I really have never done before
It throws me outside of my comfort zone, but I really did learn a lot, both from my designing process and the competitors


Your car was by far my favorite! Really loved the mashup of a newer body with classic design cues, super intriguing and unique!

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Second is not bad, although I expect the gap was rather large to first. Thanks for hosting!