PayPal account required for payment?

I’ve tried the Automation game demo so I want to buy the “Early Access” but I have a problem with payment method that requires me to open a PayPal account although it said that it is not necessary.
Indeed in the “Early Access” page is written that “PayPal account is not required”.
I want to use a credit card without PayPal account… Help me

…Sorry for bad english!

Click on the PayPal link for the option you would like to purchase. Then, click on the link near the bottom right of the page which says

“Pay with a Debit or Credit Card, or Paypal Credit
(Optional) Join PayPal for faster future checkout”

and it will let you enter CC info without a PayPal account.

I can’t find the link which says “Pay with a Debit or Credit Card” probably because I’m from Europe and in Europe is available only the PayPal payment method (I think it’s the only explanation).

Here is the link to which I was referring:

When you click this link (but you could be right about Europe), it will allow you to enter a credit or debit card and make a purchase without a login.