Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance 2021


Since 1950, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance has been held within the sunny paradise of Southern California and is revered as quite possibly the classiest and fanciest automotive event of the year. As the haven for any car enthusiast, variety is key - from classic pre-war beauties to modern supercars, this is the event to showcase your vintage sculptures, concepts and anything else the public aspires to behold.

Press days run from August 15th to August 18th. You must reveal your cars on or before the press days.


Amidst the excitement, one must stand supreme - once the event comes to a close, you, the public will be able to vote for your favorite vehicle and presentation, winner getting bragging rights.


Teasers and Pre-show reveals are highly encouraged. As always, we welcome the world’s automotive press to join us in covering the event.

Our full schedule for the upcoming year can be found here.


The Brougham Pacer is a certainly interesting sight, once for it’s resemblance to a Porsche 911 in the front, secondly for it’s speedtail-like design, and finally for it’s 60° V12 engine with 6 Carburetors, featuring 485 Horsepower with 876 Newtons of torque in a 10-Liter displacement, it also does an incredible topspeed of 300 KM/H, and for a full Aluminum and Steel build, it only weighs 1506 Kilograms.

The Aluminium body sits on a simple, yet effective Space Frame made out of Galvanised Steel. The drivetrain is a typical FR layout with an unusual setup with a locking differential, operated by an second lever in the single-seater cockpit, and a 4-Speed Gearbox. The suspension is a sporty Double Wishbone setup in the front and rear, which makes the car sit pretty low to the ground.

The Engine is also a unusual thing like the differential, since it has a total displacement of 10010 cubic-centimeters in a 60° V12 layout, out of Cast. The Top End also is a casted DA-Overhead-Camshaft design with a total of 24 Valves. It gets it’s A/F trough 6 ITB’s with a Compression-Ratio of 9.1:1. Eventually the power leaves trough 2 69.8 millimeter exhaust pipes without any muffler, resulting in a rough Vä12 sound.

Editorial Note: it also features no reverse gear, which means you will have to push it backwards

The Exhaust Note will be covering keynote cars at the event during the Press Days.

To submit, please send me a PM with the .car file and some lore about the car (in addition to what perhaps can be found already on the forums) and about the history of that particular vehicle.

The most visually stricking and/or most interesting background story vehicles will feature in a special publication on the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.


The idea of a longtailed car using the 40s Healey body is actually pretty cool - but why does its exterior look very bare in the front, and seem to have been cobbled together in a backyard elsewhere? Also, is that locking differential a manual or automatic locker (because proper limited-slip differentials aren’t available in-game until 1982)? And by cast, I think you meant cast iron (aluminum isn’t available as a block or head material until the 1950s, so I’m assuming this car is from the late 1940s). Still, 10.0 litres is an enormous amount of displacement, and 485 horsepower and 186 mph make it four decades ahead of its time performance-wise.

1933 Flemming Gen II "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"

Getting this beauty in at the last minute, and we all know and love the irl version from the hit musical, but In the autoverse, Chitty is a 1933 Flemming GEN II chassis that was originally owned by a rich Austrian Count, who coined its nickname during its racing career, and was rebodied in 1967 for the film. Multiple replicas were made as stunt cars, but this is the original car which has had the flying kit from the film carefully fitted for display purposes. It has the original 3 liter straight 8 engine and has been meticulously restored after sitting in the garage of Buena Vista studios since the early '80s. A 3D walk around experience has been provided by the owner for those who couldn’t make it to the show due to pandemic restrictions and will work on both PC and PS7 consoles. (997.3 KB)


Oof so this came and died without anyone noticing

Why the low turnout? The premise was great, but only two users chose to show their cars here - a pity considering that the last time we had something like this, the quality and number of cars shown was at least as high as expected.

I didn’t even realize this was going on until I scrolled through and found it by chance. No one was talking about it afaik.

maybe peoples just aren’t interested in pre-war cars, next one would be much better if there’s a next one

Post-war cars were eligible this year, but we only saw one of them - and it was a crude affair on the outside, to say the least.

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Mhm mhm. Still nothing. :frowning:
Either way if you guys haven’t heard the rest of the upcoming shows are getting postponed until the update too, so cya then I guess

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