Performance tuner Time attack 1995

I’m going to lose anyway, so… whatever XD

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That sounds like a challenge.

This is done in RL all the time and should be considered equally uneventful in an Automation competition!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

But that’s better. Not only would I get last overall, but last in class!


I’ve probably got slowest AWD.

Oh fuck this is a squeeze because I’ve haven’t made time to tune my car…

What’s going on? Two pictures of the Direwolf, but no Nasaro! Looks like somebody has a bias😁


the hype is real

Edit: Are we going to vote for the best looking tuned car for a few extra points?

I thought something was up @squidhead

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well, thanks to @NormanVauxhall i won’t be last :joy:

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Mole Tuning are on their way, we’re just a tad late. Traffic’s bad when you’re crossing a continent.

Sounds like I need to hang the Serenity’s mighty V6 on the 9000 RPM rev limiter to get some respect in the pits. I may not have a ton of power, but I can at least claim I have the most powerful minivan here.

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fuck, I think I missed the deadline

Not at the time of posting no. Now you have.

Nope, if you read this

it says within two hours of that post… I submitted my car a couple of minutes after two hours ticked over

Whoops, wrong link pasted. Will fix

You may create a poll, but speed is king on the days’ menu, not the looks. HOWEVER, some of these cars might get production bodykits styled similarly, which would reflect on sales. It might be valuable if you’re going RPG in your company thread.

I can honestly say, no matter how this one turns out for me, I’ll be back for the next one. Even somewhat know what car I’d take.

And just out of an in-lore style of statement, I can guarantee the Storm team is going to go through the most transmission fluid of everyone here. Every race, we’re coming in afterward to pull the belt and drain 12 quarts of transmission fluid for a full system flush. After all, you’ll be able to hear that poor belt screaming the entire way around the track.


made way too much power in my car. pushing near-900hp is a bad idea when the car is 1400kg, RWD and only has 245s in the rear… plus I didn’t get time to tune suspension whatsoever. I’m getting a strong feeling N/A is the way to go since turbo’s make shit so undrivable


Just so you know, we’re doing calculations as we speak. I will have all of the laptimes today. I will also not share them all today… probably…just to torture you guys a bit. I think I should release them slowly, painfully.


I’m fine with that. Gives me some time to reflect on my choice for this round and to puzzle over my three or four choices for the next round. So far I’ve decided on 3 vehicles that fit the following categories:

Storm’s worst-car-ever-made as a joke entry, though it might possibly be able to make some power.
Something from my lineup that’d be more expected, though it wouldn’t look like it.
Something saddled with an automatic, but also mated to the same engine in the Envy.

And if it includes '96 in the lineup, I get an additional choice to decide on.

But I might be over-planning this just a little. Though I haven’t started making prototypes, just going by what I have in my company thread.