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Personal Creations Thread

Prior to the existence of this very thread, my activities were limited to a very-few comments & at some certain point; mostly posting ‘memorable quotes’ from Discord. But as my interest in “posting something on the Discord’s car-showcase channel” is draining, & so is my motivation to post anything outside of certain channels; coupled with aforementioned ‘issue’ regarding activity on the forum, gave me an idea…

So, if I wanted to ‘diversify’ my activity on the forums & some other factors… Why not start some kind of “personal creations thread?”

Now, what’s the main premise of this thread?
This is something that could be explained by three words, which is also the very title of this thread.

With me running out of anything to type-in whatsoever, I’m just going to say… Enjoy whatever is shown below.


I like this. I think I have some pretty nice designs and have entered a few competitions, but never seem to break the top five, so, I just design for myself and company. I think I enjoy the game more that way.


Wait, did I forget to mention that “personal” in “Personal Creations Thread” means that it’s restricted to my works. :stuck_out_tongue:

Name it your name, so problems like that will not happen. Name it like “DeadStar76 personal Creations”

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Oooops. I complete misunderstood. Good luck.

“Automation - the Car Company Tycoon Game”