Photo mode

Hi, in the old version when you disabled FXAA and enabled the HideBuildings() command and took a photo, you would get a photo of your car with no stats and a transparent background. This made it SUPER easy to do Photoshop stuff, but now when you take a screenshot without FXAA you just get your car, a white background, and the enter interface. I don’t know if the thing with the transparent background was actually a bug or not, but it was so damn useful. Is there a way you could re-implement that? No point in the photo function otherwise, to be honest.

Just remove the solid color background and put the car on a transparent background. Easy enough to do. :slight_smile:

I do get your point, however.

Yes, of course I know HOW to remove the background, it’s just I need to crop the car out and it leaves rough edges, even after refining the edge. My cars are almost always white, and the background is white. You can probably see the issue here…

Well that’s a whole different ball of bananas then, isn’t it? Yeah, white car on white background would be difficult to work with. Like I said, I do get your point. :wink:

I wanna bring this topic to attention, because it is also a huge issue for me right now. Everywhere is the god damn menu on the screens. Why is it so? Who changed that and why? Was that intentionally done?

t is super annoying and I would ask to fix it please!

Welp, I feel a little stupid. It’s not a complete fix, because your photos won’t be named properly but if you go to the “Model” section (where you do the suspension, morphing etc.) and take a photo there with HideBuildings() enabled, you will get the car with the transparent background.

I’m not sure if this is a massive thread bump or not, but I’m experiencing a similar issue, except in my case going to the Model section merits a black background, not transparent as mentioned by Microwave.