Pikes Peak Electric NSX - Siren

Its electric, so they put a siren on it so people could hear it, there is nothing more to say apart from motor racing is screwed.

The most ridiculous thing you’ve seen in ages.

It honestly sounds like the car has been stolen and taken for a drive up the Peak.


Honestly electric motors can sound awesome and loud and I don’t get why carmakers make them so silent when they know people generally like noise when it comes to performance. (and also they wouldn’t have to do stuff like this)


Loud - yes. Awesome - no, not really

i’d say it depends on the person. electric motor on a lathe? bleh. but on a bike, somewhat entertaining to me

The problem is that electric motor can sound good when accelerating but when holding a constant speed its just a constant whine which can get annoying.

Tape some cardboard squares onto the shock towers and make it have that fake motorbike noise as it goes along.

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lol. a somewhat silent whine is less annoying than 1cyl engine at 5500rpm doing 60km/h i presume. so personally i’d still choose that :joy:


Well most cars dont cruise at 5500rpm


This would probably work fine :stuck_out_tongue:

As for electric cars in general, yes the lack of sound is weird, but that’s because we are so used to the noise an engine makes. In 100 years people will think that the current gasoline powered cars sound weird.

I do agree that the siren is completely stupid though :stuck_out_tongue:


@TrackpadUser Holy cow I’d have killed for one of those when I was a kid. I sacrificed so many Pokemon cards just to get sounds like that… :’(

Back on topic, that NSX is the weirdest thing I’ve ever watched. Why a siren? Why not a really cool sound like some Star Wars style engine noises? They must surely be able to do better than a siren…


Why not no noise?



Why not no noise indeed Ram.

Mufflers are not allowed racing Pikes Peak, that’s why.
People NEED to hear the cars coming. Remember, the spectators are 'mericans.:grin:

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I would have settled for a continuously blaring air horn. In triple tone.

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i would’ve settled with running in the 90s blaring through that siren’s speaker