Please bring back sequential gearboxes!

Hello! I am hardcore Automation fun (although it does not show). I spend a lot of time in a sandbox mode creating rally themed cars. Then I put some barrels around the Automation Track (in BeamNG) to make these technical challenges against my friends.

Suddenly when I got some free to create yet another car I realized that sequential gearboxes are gone from the game :frowning: Yes I know I can go full manual or DCT but its not the same. Modern era rally cars do not use full manual, yet with full auto it is difficult to mnake a 360 degree spin around the barrel without the clutch pedal avaliable.

This is like a huge take away from the game for me :frowning: Yes I know that the game focuses mainly on production cars (not rally or racing based) but we still get racing engine parts and so on.

Perfectly in my imagination there is sequential gearbox avaliable and also manual dogbox with straight cut teeth so the cluch usage is optional. I know it does not line up with production cars focus but at least sequential would be something… Please bring them back :slight_smile:

I am sorry if that topic has already been brought up. I berly get time to play a game and do not really have it to search a discourse.

Best Regards

Before 4.27, sequential gearboxes were present, but it was merely another term for the automated manual transmission type in use right now.


Yeah but its not the same… There is no use of clutch pedal which is essential for rally driving around tight hairpins, especially for cars with some turbo lag. Also the gear change is slow… not instant like with sequential. Sequential and Auto-Manual are really not the same.

Someone on Steam forum guided me to part selector in BeamNG as I was not aware of that You can pick a transmission from there so I guess… topic closed :wink: