Hello!!Sorry guys, I need heelp!! Can somebody explain me why i cannt use the hole toolbar in any of game modes in Automation??Engine or car designer or in campaign mode i cant use for example aerodinamycs,suspension etc…seems like its locked and i cant play further…any suggestions?? Please help this game could be awesome…

Make sure you haven’t missed anything from your current place in the car design/engineering stages. You can’t move on to other parts of the design without finishing things in order.

Thanks…Yes i am pretty sure that i didnt skip anything…i tried 10
times everything carefuly but no…do you or somebody
else have some other idea whar could be??

I marked this field…anything i do i cant go forward…Please if somebody can help…

You never selected the drive type. You need to finish with your current tab to move to the next one. There is no skipping ahead without finishing a tab.


Ok…thank you…i try but this pic is just one example…i did with few other cars detailed but no…

I try tommorrow few times and i am back if not work…

you need to select all the options before you can progress
on this tab for example, after selecting the drive type, you need to choose the gearbox type and diff type before progressing to next page. Same goes for other tabs

this is definitely not a bug lol, that’s just how the game works
Not gonna lie, if you can’t even figure that out, I suggest you play in the sandbox for a bit before attempting campaign