Pontiac sacrificed in place of 2 lucky souls

Hey people. So a bit of a sad but happy subject. So my stepsister, her car was totaled, high rate of speed straight into a brick wall. Nobody has ever seen a wreck this bad with no casualties. Have some photos.

Needless to say, Someone was looking over her that day. We just got back from seeing the car, which is why I’m just posting this now. My stepsister is okay, just some leg injuries, the driver (her boyfriend) was in a medically induced coma on life support, though he has improved and can talk, signs are pointing at permanent brain damage for him though with the extent currently unknown. All I can say is, they both should not have even survived, so he’s lucky to get away with just that.


:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: Holy hell your stepsister is lucky. Real ****ing lucky. I hope both your stepsister and your stepsister’s boyfriend make a steady recovery.

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Yeah, my stepsister is expected to make a full recovery, though she was in tears when we went to see The car. As for the boyfriend he’ll make a full recovery besides permanent brain damage, doesn’t appear to be severe tho

Do you know anything about why they crashed? Glad to hear they’re okay, but I’m guessing most people don’t just crash into walls no reason.

The Boyfriend was the driver and on a suspended license. A police car was just driving behind him, he freaked out, and slammed the gas, they ran out of road and hit a building. I can get you the news story of it if you want

Sure. And I’m guessing that he won’t be driving again if he recovers.

Nope, he’s most likely going to jail after he’s discharged

What I don’t get is that if he was trying to not get caught, why he would do something that would guarantee police attention.

Because he’s not really the smartest as you can imagine


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Oh btw, mods, apologies if the pics are too big, I UL’d directly from my phone which gave me no option to trim them down. If they are in violation of the rules please inform me so I can trim them down

Here’s the news story



Let’s be honest, he was brain damaged way before he crashed the car.
Lucky escape for your stepsister though, that thing is totalled.


I’m sorry to hear your stepsister was involved in that. Good to hear that she’s going to be alright.
I have to say… Ponty did well. I assume the roof was cut off by the rescue team… but there’s not much left of her. Give that car a Purple Heart.


Yeah, had to use Jaws of life to cut the roof off, but yes, she kept them alive, so it at least deserves some rememberance before scrapping

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Thank God no one was killed. That is definitely insane.


Risking his and his girlfriend’s life just because he doesn’t want to brought up on a crime, what a charming guy. Maybe he’s just dumb and doesn’t think about how dangerous driving can be.


i was in a pretty close situation just last year. the feeling is just devastatingly crushing and heavy. i can’t do anything but feel sorry for her.

but now… that’s a proper ‘safe car’ and then there’s my datsun. i really honestly am scared of that car, and my family don’t really care about the safety point as long as it’s dirt cheap to run and dirt cheap to buy. (like $100-$150 service cost per 10k KM).


I can understand, with some less safe cars an impact like that would give a pancake pretty much

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Glad to hear your step sis is ok. Life isn’t fair, it often punishes those who don’t deserve such, but in this case it sounds like life was somewhat merciful.

High speed frontal impacts tend to make the most impressive looking wrecks but as long as whatever they hit yields just a bit (a single brick wall is a bit better than, say, a large tree or a secure bollard), all the crumple is a blessing, because it’s all about just how sudden the deceleration is, and the g forces sustained from stopping in 0.2s versus 0.7s is actually pretty huge. Cabin intrusion is the other big factor, and not having the steering wheel and dash get shoved into your face is a plus.

Cars (from safety-oriented countries) have been sustaining full frontal impacts very well since the noughties. Side impact and small overlap, not so much until much more recently.