QFC13 - Truckin' - Sport Trucks!

No reason more then my lack of knowledge, I just didnt know the difference, I do know now. Its all about learning.


Hey I learned a great deal about excess cooling being useful for utility, I had no idea. The game keeps evolving and we keep getting better at gaming the game.


And this is why I hold Lanson in high regard.

Id say that MOST (if not all) make questionable engineering choices from truly “not knowing”.

I used a flat plane crank in a challenge before and got annihilated in the judging lol smh. I didnt know the differences and still dont, i just know ill probably never use one again lol.

Its ok to not know, but to get talked down upon for it, thats not cool.

Edit: @Knugcab i put you up there with Lanson as well bro, you are very respectful and im sure a lot of people appreciate that.


Awesome YouTube channel about engines: “driving 4 answers”. I have binge-watched/listened to this guy while droning through work spreadsheets or docs, and it’s enlightening.

Lucky for us Automation sticks to reality pretty closely, so learning the physics helps in the game.

Oh and thank you for the compliment, yep there’s no reason for us to be nasty, we’re a niche community of crazy car people so we should embrace that.


You are completely right.
I am still feeling f…ed about being last, but this is only my fault. You told me about the techpool problems, I was too lazy to fix it myself, then I would have noticed how huge the fail really would come out.
However, I learned something out of this disaster, never overlook the techpool rules.

However, even if I am last, at least the looks of cars might something you can easily improve. This truck was regarded as “OK” by Lanson, and I have cars that are better in that aspect.
So if you like, I can send you two or three vehicles of mine and you can reverse-engineer them, that means check how things are placed and done. If you want, just PM me and I can send you something over.


Difference Between Cross-Plane and Flat-Plane Cranks (motortrend.com)

I guess my truck is not a Ferrari… :wink:

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Or a ZO6 C8 Corvette, the newest flat plane crank V8 car out there.

the interior I just throw random fixtures on, you said it wasnt judged so I didnt put in any effort. and you can tell now that I have no clue how to realistically tune a car lmao