QFC15 - Cheap and cheerful [FINALS OUT]

1982 AMS Vanga 160RS

One of the hottest hatches around, thanks to its 120-bhp 1600cc DOHC 16v inline-four - and it can now be yours for $13,500.


1982 Razor

An affordable sports car! Maximum speed is 122 miles per hour! Fuel economy is 25.3 miles per gallon. Features front wheel drive and 4-speed manual transmission. Sporty!
0-60 time of 11 seconds! Incredible.
Cost is only $12,800!!!

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why are the taillights on the bumper

It shares the rear bumper with a lotus eclat maybe?

Not my taste either, but there is nothing wrong in doing bizzare Things that no others do. I mean, there were people actually buying Citroen Ami or Fiat Multipla, the latter ist now seen as a piece of art and the Ami was actually succesful in France.

is anyone even going to read this? I guess I'll just put a spaceship here (_)(_):::::::::::D~~

1982 Halvson Newton Quad Valve

Newly updated for 1982, the new CO series Newton Quad Valve introduces our brand new IH418 engine, with our ESi fuel injection system and yes, four valves per cylinder.

The new engine makes an impressive 83kW, with a growling sports exhaust and 5 speed gearbox standard on the Quad Valve model, which launches it to 100 in just 8.9 seconds, and onto a top speed just shy of 200 km/h!

The Quad Valve comes with our sports styling pack, with our premium treatment interior, bonnet intake, extra cooling vents in the new integrated sports bumper, lip spoiler, alloy wheels, fog lights, and Quad Valve graphics all standard.

Available now for just $12,300 AMU, call your nearest Halvson dealer to book a test drive today!

A bit less than two days to go. Current submissions:

Car and posting


Posting but no .CAR file yet


Let me know if I missed anyone or anything!


I am planning to enter and am waiting on a friend (we co own the brand) to give the car a cleanup, so expect an entry from me within the next day

FM StreetSport.

Economical, reliable and not too shabby to look at and drive.


Oh no I had the perfect car for this but I’m on openbeta :c

IIRC the current open beta and stable branches are merged since like days ago so you may join it.


Oh nice, I’ll give it a try then :slight_smile:

BMA Compaq GTTi 2.0

Back to basics: A longitudinal 2.0L 6-inline coupled to a turbo: 130 hp sent to the rear wheels through a 5-speed manual. 4 disc brakes, AM/FM radio with a cassette player, power-steering comes as standard on this trim.


by BMA


VF Disco MKI GTI ('82 facelift)


Waldersee Attache K16i

The second-generation Attache, released in 1979, was the very first front-drive car that Waldersee produced; Attaches would remain the company’s sole front-drive product, deriving viability from lending their platform to Callahan and Arlington subcompacts of similar vintage. To ingratiate itself to skeptical purists, the Attache kept most of the RWD car’s general body shape and a familiar ‘shovel nose’ front end, while receiving a significant upgrade in the form of independent rear suspension.

The Attache’s sole engine prior to 1983 was the Waldersee iron-block, twelve-valve i4. In the high-revving hot-hatch K16i guise, the engine displaced 1.6 liters, had a proper port injection system, and pushed out a thunderous 115 horsepower. Owing to the car’s relatively low 2040 lbs weight and 0.31 coefficient of drag, this made it capable of an 8.3-second 0-60 sprint and - if you dared - a top speed of 134 mph, pulling even in fifth gear. Also included was a sporty front-camber suspension with sway bars that made handling legitimately impressive for a 1982 car with regular street tires.

All the while, this hatch remained true to Waldersee’s premium philosophy: the cassette player might not have been as feature-rich as that in larger Waldersees, but it was still built to last. The seats might have been cloth, but the rear bench sat two and was positioned further back for more legroom. And while the suspension wasn’t some sort of air-sprung wonder, gas shocks were standard all the same. All this for a reasonable $12,300.


Who thought that a Volvo 343 could blend that well with a Mazda 323 and a Vauxhall Chevette? :rofl: Nice.

the Vietta Medio 4-2 SLC. That time that Vietta tried to appeal to the kids by literally tearing everything that could be torn out, and making it light as possible. It actually cost less than the base model too


Stellar Mora RS15 Injection

In the 1970s, Stellar UK’s lineup saw a shift from domestic, British-designed models to Japanese, Homura-sourced cars. Stellar UK was at this time working on moving it’s lineup towards FWD, but due to the state of both the British and global economy, parent company Turból deemed it more financially prudent to halt Stellar UK’s FWD platform development and to badge engineer FWD Homura products instead. The timing worked out. Homura’s range of French-inspired, boxer-powered FWD cars were hardly exciting, but were practical and economic choices that kept Turból’s European operations viable in a difficult time.

Entering the growing B-segment in 1974 was the cutely-named Stellar Squid. Featuring FWD, flat 4 engines, and fully independent suspension with McPherson struts up front and trailing arms in the rear, Stellar UK was given the greenlight to produce a stylish, sporty liftback coupe variant. The Mora was introduced in 1979, with similar mechanicals, but with a wider and lower stance under a crisp modern design.

The RS15 Injection added some sportiness to the Mora’s driving dynamics to back up the sporty looks. Though it was still first and foremost a budget model, and it would be overshadowed by far more impressive Mora trims later in the 80s, the early RS15s such as this made a respectable 92 horsepower from the 1.5 liter flat four thanks to throttle body injection. 0-100 kmh could be achieved in 10.4 seconds, and a sportier suspension tuned was paired with 15" alloy wheels a sporty appearance package to round out the offering.

See previous post here. Legion has since been re-named Stellar.


I hope the door stays on lmao

Zur Seite fahren bitte!

NAV Rimini 1000 Turbo
Because a liter of beer is great, so why not the engine in your car as well? That is, if it’s our modern turbo-charged fuel injected liter of fun.
We built the Rimini for Reasonable People, but some markets have a higher bar for keeping up with traffic. Enter the 0-100 in less than 10 seconds, 186 km/h 90bhp Turbo.
“Salmon ladder”, fog lights, super fly wheels and a really functional hood scoop set it apart from 44hp volume model.
It still has 5 doors and 5 seats because setting up manufacturing for an inferior niche variant is a PITA we are such a nice company giving free extra features.
For the mere price of 10000DM, we can’t guarantee you get 10000 Lovers in one, but at least it’s afforable and reliable.

More 1 liter of Milk