The 2003 Monarch U1500

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2003 Wells Activ Sport

The Wells Activ Sport, and Activ Terrain

Pick one.


2003 WM Welkin 3.5 4x4

Lando, your adventure rig is ready. The Welkin 3.5 4x4 comes with a locking diff, high ground clearance, all-terrain tires, and switchable 4x4 for those off-road trips to parts unknown, with a whole host of accessories available throughout your dealer network. Its smooth, torquey 3.5L I6, mated to an electronically controlled six-speed automatic gearbox, provides enough torque and power (especially in the lower and middle rev range) to overcome any obstacle it encounters.

Inside, you’ll find a five-seat premium interior with sat-nav and a full suite of airbags as standard equipment, plus a capacious bed (shown here with optional hard tonneau cover) in the back that can swallow all your gear and more. And with a body and frame subjected to extensive rustproofing, the Welkin is built to last a lifetime or two. What are you waiting for? Head to your nearest dealer and find out - you’ll find the $22,400 for the premium trim shown here to be very well spent!


Fowler Atlas 360GP /shrug

  • The Rand’s Big Bad Brother, built for the rigors of American Suburbia & Beyond
  • 360cid, OHV V8 rated at 238 hp, 523 Nm (420Nm Idle-4000rpm)
  • Wide range, 5-speed “intelligent” Autobox
  • Full-time AWD with locker
  • Snazzy Belligerent Orange paint
  • GP upgrades P trim with double sunroof, roof rails, and 5A Grey painted bumpers
  • Optional third row not included
  • OCAW Fuel Economy Award (17MPG)
  • Bestseller in Alberta 1998 & 2001
  • 23.000$ (before gubmint theft)
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After careful consideration, the team here at Rolund believes we have created a vehicle that perfectly encapsulates Lando’s desires. Introducing, the Rolund Lynx…
Equipped with a 3.6L 60 Degree V6 making 244 horsepower and 255 pound/feet of torque, the Lynx is ready to explore the wilderness. This DOHC aluminum-headed engine is paired with a 6-speed automatic gearbox allowing a top speed of 163 mph! This 4x4 drivetrain is equipped with “Pounce-Ready” intelligent auto-lockers, which are engaged the second any slippage is detected. The Lynx is also equipped with leading safety features and has seating for up to 5. With timeless elegance etched into every corner and bodyline, the Lynx shows off the latest in automotive styling. You’ll find nothing better at only $24,000! Other features include -
. Radial All-Terrain Tires
. “Sunbeam Orange” Paint
. Roof Storage Rails
. Vented Brakes are standard in the front and rear
. Tow hitch optional
. Premium 20’ Wheels
. Quad Stainless-Steel Exhaust Tips
. LED Headlights and Foglights
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The deadline is 29th May 23.59 (GMT+2).


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Capable Motors New for 2003! The Capable Hefter!
A classic pick-up! 4x4 and manual locker!
Brand new satellite navigation!
Electric steering!
Capable Motors's latest and best safety equipment!
EPA-Certified 32.2 miles per gallon!
Capable of hefting of over two tons!
3 liter Flint engine produces 212.5 lb-ft of torque!

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Introduced in 2000 for the 2001 model year, the Redwood is an SUV based primarily on the company’s US-market full-size pickup truck. While retaining the double wishbone front suspension, the Redwood received coil springs for its live rear axle for improved comfort. The interior too was similar with the truck it was based on, but had more amenities including wood panels and leather seats for comfy suburban cruising.

A 4.7l V8 engine is the only engine available, sending power to either the rear or all four wheels through a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Though it was primarily designed for the American market, the Sequoia is also sold in South America and the Middle East, where rugged, luxurious vehicles are relatively popular.

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Ads can still be posed 24 hours after the submissions close.
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Lando had spent the entire day on the ranch, and he was exhausted. He had just finished teaching horse riding lessons and capturing some incredible photographs of the stunning Chilean countryside. As he drove along the winding dirt roads that led to his big rustic ranch house, he felt a sense of calm wash over him. The sun was starting to set as he arrived at his home, a sprawling wooden house that had been in his family for generations. The house had a large porch that wrapped around the front and sides of the house, providing a stunning view of the surrounding mountains. The porch was furnished with wooden rocking chairs and a porch swing, perfect for relaxing and taking in the view.

The inside of the house was just as impressive as the outside. The high ceilings were supported by sturdy wooden beams, and the open floor plan made the space feel bright and airy. The living room had a large stone fireplace, which Lando lit to take the chill off the air. The walls were adorned with beautiful photographs that Lando had taken on his various expeditions. Lando made his way to the kitchen to start cooking dinner. He had decided to make a traditional Chilean dish, cazuela, a hearty stew that was perfect for a chilly evening. He chopped onions, garlic, and tomatoes, then added chunks of beef and chicken to the pot. He seasoned it with paprika, cumin, and a touch of salt, then let it simmer for hours, filling the house with a delicious aroma. As the cazuela bubbled away on the stove, Lando’s Motorola Razr phone rang, he answered to hear his mother’s voice on the other end. She told him that his uncle was getting married for the fourth time and that she wanted him to attend the wedding. Lando sighed, not particularly excited about the prospect of traveling to another family event. After the call, he sat down at the dining room table to enjoy his dinner. The cazuela was hot and steaming, and the flavors were incredible. He savored every bite, feeling grateful for the warmth and comfort of his home. Lando sat down on the couch to relax. The couch was made of the softest leather, with a rustic feel that perfectly matched the rest of the house’s decor. He picked up one of the car magazines and started flipping through the pages, dreaming of his next car purchase .

As the fire crackled in the background and the stars shone outside, Lando felt content and at peace in his rustic retreat. He knew that no matter where life took him, this house would always be his sanctuary, a place where he could find solace and inspiration amidst the rugged beauty of the Chilean countryside.


Yojido CrosSX C-Cabrio AWD

@Hilbert and @shibusu

The Yojido CrosSX C-Cabrio AWD falls short in many areas, earning low safety scores and being deemed unsafe by reputable institutes. Its interior lacks prestige and quality, while service costs are high. The vehicle does offer decent midrange performance and good driving characteristics, along with fuel efficiency similar to economy cars. However, its standout feature is its attractive appearance. Overall, the CrosSX disappoints with its lack of safety, underwhelming interior, and high costs, making it difficult to recommend. - not considered.

Primus Aventura


The Aventura has some notable drawbacks that potential buyers should consider. Its braking performance is poor, requiring a long distance to stop, and the brakes fade quickly when towing heavy loads. The vehicle lacks grip during ambitious cornering, affecting its road manners. Cruise speeds are acheaved at higher RPMs, reducing comfort during long journeys. The design may not appeal to everyone, with unbalanced proportions it leaves a lot to be desiered. However, the Aventura excels in off-road situations, offering capable performance and towing capacity despite its less powerful engine. Furthermore, Service costs are affordable. Overall, due to its significant shortcomings in braking, road manners, cruising comfort, and design, it is advisable to explore alternative options that better suit individual requirements and desires. - not considered.

Rhania Derogator Farm


The Derogator presents a mixed bag of features and drawbacks. It lacks practicality, with tires more suitable for on-road driving and a design that falls short in terms of distinction and convenience, such as small door handles and a questionable tailgate opening configuration. Comfort is subjective due to the chosen suspension setup. Oversized brakes with six pistons may seem excessive for everyday driving. On the positive side, the vehicle showcases good reliability and a spacious bed for hauling needs. Service costs are reasonable. Potential buyers should carefully consider the trade-offs between practicality, comfort, and design elements before deciding if Derogator aligns with their specific needs and preferences. - not considered.

BMA Rhonia Cross V6


The BMA Rhonia Cross V6 presents a mixed bag of features and drawbacks. The suspension could be more refined as the rear tends not to catch up with the front, affecting comfort. High RPMs during cruising impact fuel efficiency and comfort. Reliability is not particularly impressive, and acceleration in the 80-120 km/h range feels sluggish. Safety performance is average, and off-road capability falls slightly below average. Utility and economy are underwhelming considering its weight and size. However, Rhonia Cross shines in practicality, offering a larger load capacity than most pickups, and provides a comfortable ride. The design has proportion problems with small rims, odd front and rear overhangs, and positioning of taillights. Despite its strengths, the BMA is not recommendable due to the aforementioned drawbacks. Potential buyers should consider other options that better suit their needs and preferences. - not considered.

Vantage X3 - ChatGPT


The X3 is a disappointing choice due to its design, suspension height, and small wheels. It lacks off-road capabilities, has high fuel consumption, and poor drivability. Cargo space is limited, and the seating arrangement is inconvenient. The inclusion of a seven-speed gearbox and a peculiar choice of differential raise concerns. The braking system and turbo response also leave much to be desired. While the X3 manages to avoid major rule violations, its numerous shortcomings overshadow any positive attributes. Potential buyers are advised not to buy. - not considered.

Norðwagen Fenrir Ranchero


The Norðwagen Fenrir Ranchero presents a perplexing and unrealistic proposal, resembling a converted wagon turned into an off-roader. Its lack of practicality, absence of rear seats, and unconventional design choices raise concerns. Despite impressive stats like low cruising RPMs and decent on-road performance, it fails to meet the expectations of a mass-produced and well-designed vehicle. The inclusion of two rear wipers, a top-mounted tow hitch, a removable front push bar, and roof spotlights give it a modified and unconventional feel. While the Fenrir showcases a cool concept, it misses the mark in fulfilling the brief and providing a practical solution. Prospective buyers should carefully evaluate whether the unusual design and impractical features outweigh the positive attributes. Overall, it is a questionable option that may not meet the everyday driving needs and expectations of most drivers. Thorough assessment of personal requirements and preferences is crucial before considering it - we advise to avoid it. - not considered.

Monarch U1500


Monarch offers a very good, yet somewhat messy, proposition. Its design exudes luxury and class, but certain engineering choices cannot be overlooked. The peak power at the readline and minmaxed suspension ride height raise concerns, especially without air suspension or hydropneumatic systems. The decision to use a light truck monocoque chassis on a luxury SUV seems out of place, leading to excessive roll angles and compromised driving characteristics. The absence of satellite navigation and the use of untreated steel for panel material further detract from the overall experience. However, the U1500 excels in safety, comfort, and performance. Safety features are commendable, while the comfort level and performance satisfy expectations. Despite its positive aspects, the questionable engineering choices overshadow its appeal. Prospective buyers should thoroughly evaluate the design and positive features of it in light of its unrealistic and radical engineering decisions to determine if it aligns with their specific preferences and requirements. - not considered.

CMI C620


The CMI C620’s unconventional design prioritizes the bed over other details, resulting in a somewhat lackluster appearance of the front and an imposing view of the side. Its off-road capability falls short of expectation and fuel economy leaves much to be desired. Reliability is a concern, accompanied by high service costs. However, the vehicle does offer good safety features and ample cargo space. Overall, it presents a mixed bag of pros and cons. Potential buyers should carefully consider the trade-offs between its unique design, underwhelming off-road performance, and practical aspects such as reliability and fuel efficiency - maybe its best to avoid it. - not considered.

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I wondered if the seat count would, er, count against it. No idea what you mean about the tow hitch, though; through the bumper is pretty standard on unibodies, especially car-height. Unconventional and modified? Certainly. Too weird for Lando? Oh well.

(FWIW, in BeamNG it’s about the most competent off-roader there is, and decent on road too)

Uhh… other than ladder frames, mostly on American examples, this is pretty much the default for modern SUV.


What do you mean turbocharged direct injected engine which was sourced from a car 11 years in the future is expensive to run and the 1200kg convertible 4x4 chassis is unsafe? SMH my head my head my SMH.


I meant to say that the tow hitch is mounted very high on the bumper, probably beacuse it has middle exhaust.

Well, that was to expect. The dated platform still delivered in offroad and durability, but all the interior luxury couldn’t conceal rather, well, rugged onroad performance.
The lower-revving, bull-strong V8 with upgraded brakes exceeded the budget, so its maybe not too bad that the replacement already warmed up its tires in 2003.

Did you mean off-road? Because they’re off road tires