QFC43 - A Car With Seoul [Results!]

Hey does anyone want to collab and do the design?

Don’t know if you have anyone else lined up by now but if not I’m available if you want to send me a message either here or discord.

Hey guys, so far from what I see, no more questions or issues have been raised and so I think I will keep the ruleset as-is, so submissions should now be open!

I’ve updated the changelog to also include clarifications on the 95 RON vs 91 RON preference penalty.


2024 Busan C30 GTS

The ultimate premium sport compact sedan from Korea, with modern lines, ample space and comfort, topped off with a powerful engine with AWD in the GTS trim, there’s nothing else quite like the Busan C30.


The Axxus Grand


Annyeong haseyo from your friends at Van Zandt!
For dynamic Korea, a dynamic car: the 2020 Keystone RXE.

Putting the driver first, the 2020 Keystone emphasizes quality driving experience, dedicated safety, and fuel efficiency while traveling in crafted prestige. Inside: Native heads up display, infotainment touchscreen, surround sound speakers, and room for four with top-rated safety engineering. Outside: Alloy wheels, vented disc brakes, semi-clad undercarriage, and electronic actuated sway bars, not to mention the incredible style.

The essential and exquisite Keystone RXE. Make a move. Find your groove. And have fun!

is anyone even going to read this? I guess I'll just put a spaceship here (_)(_)=====D~~

The 2024 CU series Newton 0X

By Halvson

Halvson’s all new CU Newton, with more style than ever.

Available in a wide range of colours, including its new signature Ranunculus White Pearl, with an even wider variety of plastic accent panels, it’s truly a personal expression.

The modern design is backed up by a modern engine too, with an all-new I5NGII 1.8L 5 cylinder under the bonnet making a very respectable 158kW, mated to our 9 speed advanced transmission for maximum fun and economy.

The retro-modern styling is sure to be an eye catcher, while the car itself is pure modern, with a premium interior, HalvEye HUD, and HalvSafe II systems.

Available now for $29,600, call your nearest Halvson dealer or visit us online at www.halvson.com.au/kr for more details or to book a test drive.


Lightstar Automotive (LSA) would like to offer the updated 2024 model of the LSA Rhea, in the Premium P180 trim.




Truly beautiful design goes beyond simply being aesthetically pleasing. It invites action. With its sleek seductive profile, the Sontana demands to go to new places. For you to see more. Feel more. And expand your possibilities. Inside, the available ambient LED cabin lighting highlights an elegant cabin perfectly set to host new experiences and entertain bold ideas. With every glance, every curve and every mile, there is always more to discover and be inspired by. A bold conviction. Born from our obsession to create beautiful vehicles. Expressed through our design language 눈치 "Noon-chi". Capturing movement,even at a standstill. Simplified characteristics that embrace our philosophy of essentialism. This compelling evolution in our design aesthetic pursues beauty through subtraction and purity. Reflections of light across its surface create more complex and intriguing shapes.

made by @Tsundere-kun & @vouge



As an antidote to the hordes of oversized grayscale SUVs and light trucks, the new Sontana feels like a breath of fresh air, especially in bright primary colors such as red, blue, and yellow. And judging by its dash-to-axle ratio, I’m assuming its engine (which is most likely a turbocharged four- or six-cylinder unit) is longitudinally mounted and drives either the rear wheels, or all four of them.


The loudness maximum of 40 is in the engine tab, right? What affects it most? Because I can’t seem to get it much lower than like 45…

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Better/more mufflers, turbo and non-Performance intake are the best way to reduce those.


Those headlights look a mite familiar…


The loudness maximum of 40 is in the engine tab, right? What affects it most? Because I can’t seem to get it much lower than like 45…

Yup! It’s on the engine tab. As Karhgath mentioned, you can achieve this easily with muffllers or standard intakes. If I remember correctly, just using a standard intake (not the performance ones) and a single reverse flow muffler should get you in the ballpark of around 30-40, so this shouldn’t be too hard to achieve.


Also, if you use a reverse flow and straight through, make sure the straight through comes secondfirst–it makes a difference.


Might want to change your name to Stretch Armstrong if you think that’s anything other than superficial LMAO.





Excelsior XS100 3.0A

There are those who like to rest on their laurels, and there are those who are always striving to be better. The hungry ones. The humble ones. The ones who care more about getting the job done than getting attention. At Excelsior, we never stop striving to make better cars for people who never stop striving.

The XS100 puts the best Excelsior has to offer into a compact package. Under the hood, a 3.0 liter inline 6-cyinder engine smoothly delivers 258 horsepower (192 kW) but still delivers overall fuel economy of 26 mpg (9.1 L/100km) paired with an 8-speed advanced automatic transmission. All-wheel drive, a limited-slip differential, and 17-inch alloy wells keep the XS100 firmly planted and ready to carve up the corners in all conditions. XS100 surrounds you with comfort and safety thanks to a premium interior and full suite of advanced safety features. And critical components throughout are thoughtfully engineered to keep you on the road, not in the shop.

The XS100 in 3.0A trim can be yours for 29,900.


2024 Voltari Auraelion Prestige 2.5T with VallioreSport Design Package


First revealed in 2023, the fifth generation Auraelion moves into 2024 largely unchanged, but continues to maintain the current corporate Voltari design language and heritage. The model shown here is a global specification Prestige 2.5T with the VallioreSport Design package, which adds 20-inch wheels, a trim-exclusive grille pattern, a performance rear diffuser, and dual exhausts. Prestige trim Auraelions come very well equipped, with Active Matrix LED head and taillights, a power trunk with gesture control, intrusion detection and the ability to hold its position,14-way adjustable heated and ventilated front seats, heated second row outboard seats, 2 person memory and massage on the front seats, a heated steering wheel, dual-zone automatic climate control, a cabin atomizer, a digital rearview mirror with Homelink integration and an integrated compass, a surround-view camera system with guidance lines, a 12.3 inch reconfigurable OLED digital gauge cluster, a 12.3-inch LCD center display with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, front and rear automatic emergency braking, Voltari ActiveCruise LIDAR-based adaptive cruise control, front and rear ultrasonic parking sensors, blind spot monitoring with active lane drift warning and assist, automatic lane recentering, Intelligent Access with walk-away lock/unlock, phone-as-a-key with ultrawideband support, and more. The Auraelion is powered by a multitude of available powertrains, but the Prestige 2.5T shown here is powered by our 2.5L direct-injected and turbocharged inline-5, producing 296 horsepower and 312lb-ft of torque, mated to an 8-speed automatic, routing power to all four wheels via our standard torque-vectoring AWD with a mechanical limited slip differential. As shown, this Auraelion Prestige is painted in Astral Shift Metallic, with our Cumulus and Piano Black interior, and carries an MSRP of $28,700.



2023 Voltari Auraelion Prestige 2.5T

Base Price/Price As Tested;

Final Assembly;
Assembled at Voltari Uppsala Technical Plant, Uppsala, Sweden

Body Style;
Front engine, all-wheel drive, 5-passenger, 4-door sedan


Voltari VM-series - VM25TiR0 SPT (Global Specification)

Longitudinally-mounted, single turbocharged 2.5L/2498cc inline-5
AlSi block and heads, forged internals
Direct and port fuel injection with Voltari VEMS 7.2 Engine Control Unit
Chain and belt-driven dual overhead camshafts, 4 valves per cylinder, single standard medium-allowance air intake, continuously variable valve timing and lift
9.0:1 compression ratio
10.15psi maximum boost pressure
296 horsepower at 6,000 RPM
312lb-ft of torque at 3,900 RPM
6,500 RPM redline
Single-exit exhaust with a 3-way catalytic converter, pre-catalyst and dual reverse flow mufflers
Premium (95 RON/91 AKI) fuel required

8-speed automatic with a manual shifting mode
3.90:1 final drive ratio
All-wheel drive with an mechanical limited slip differential

2.76 meter wheelbase
4.50 meter overall length
1.85 meter overall width
259 millimeters of ground clearance
0.236 Cd drag coefficient
58% front, 42% rear weight distribution
3,875 pound curb weight

Unitary high strength steel monocoque with isolated subframes
Stamped aluminum and steel body panels

Front independent 4-link, coil springs, steel dampers, anti-roll bar
Rear independent 5-link, coil springs, steel dampers, anti-roll bar

Electrically assisted variable ratio rack and pinion steering

Hydraulic with anti-lock control
370mm front ventilated disc brakes with 2 piston rotors
300mm rear ventilated disc brakes with 1 piston rotors

20-inch cast aluminum alloy wheels
P235/40R20 97Z front and rear tires
30psi front and rear

0 to 62 MPH in 5.3 seconds
155 miles per hour top speed (electronically limited)
13.56 second standing 1/4 mile drag test
62-0 MPH in 45.0 meters
0.854g on a 20m cornering test, 0.821g on a 200m cornering test
Fully defeatable traction and stability control
26 MPG city/34 MPG highway/30 MPG combined


I love this!

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