Quick-Fire Challenge 6 (QFC6) - Super Mini Mama [Results]]

I know you put a ban of advanced trim options but can there be some leeway to hide the chassis and or the engine for the purposes of it not clipping into an interior? This doesn’t affect any stats or alter the look of the exterior so I hope its ok

@mart1n2005 Sounds fine by me (but imagine Karen’s surprise when she pops the hood and no engine :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )

Submissions are now open!
While the rules are strict-ish and been the focus of discussion so far (in true EU fashion), remember styling is also very important. Looking forward to what you come up with!


2013 Matsuma SR


IKIGAI Hawk 1.6
Shown here in AquaPearl:

All IKIGAI models strive for the best balance between the pillars of economy, practicality, and sporting fun!

The Hawk is a do-anything hatchback with sporting intentions. This particular trim has the more economical engine, and FWD. All Hawks get 4-wheel disc brakes and the latest in 2010’s tech.

The I4 1.6L uses Variable Valve Lift and Timing as well as Direct Injection to produce a flat torque curve across the rev range, with a 136HP peak at 6600RPM.

2.3L engine optional

IKIGAI - Find the Balance within!


2013 Meguminshi Magna - mn5

A Cheeky little runabout with ease of maintenance and fuel consumption!

Small outside, yet amazingly enormous inside.


AutoWork’s - AW 215
The 215 is a stylish hatchback, amazing comfort, power and efficiency for the everyday needs.
The all-rounder that will serve everyone.


The 2011 BMA Promenade.

Why go for a walk when you can go for a Promenade ?


LVAP Hothatch Monsterrex 2013 1.6 L

The ideal hot hatch for all life occasions.


Cordelia Take5


2013 de Guzman Malaga EcoDrive

a small hatchback with big attitude.

details and gallery


  • 1.2 liter TriPower DOHC 12V inline three engine with all aluminum construction, low friction cast pistons, direct injection, and a low-boost turbocharger, producing 112 hp and 130 lb ft of torque.

  • multi-link rear suspension

  • front and rear semi-active sway bars

  • electric power steering

  • 5 speed manual transmission with overdrive

  • electronic stability control

  • driver and passenger smart airbags, along with seat, curtain, head, and knee airbags.

  • Sony standard infotainment system: four speakers with two dashboard tweeters, stereo AM/FM satellite radio, CD player, phone connectivity for portable music and hands free calls

  • Tyrelli Traction C P185/55R15 tires with alloy rims

Altogether, the Malaga provides a compelling package for your motoring adventures and is an industry leading B segment hatchback.


66,6 hours left!
Yesterday’s hotfix seems to not have affected stats on cars submitted earlier in any way, I checked. (There was a bit of a scare with LUA errors on all cars, but the devs fixed it within like half an hour)
The mod tool on import was very helpful.

Quick question. When you say Standard CD minimum, that also means anything higher (incl. basic infotainment), correct?

Yeah, that would be allowed (basic included, even it is basic)

2013 Régal Lion 2.0L LE

Takes you where you heart needs to go

The brand new facelifted Régal Lion is now here. The 2013 edition is offered with a 2.0L Harmonie Eco engine tuned to be as smooth as cotton candy. With its 135hp, it can jet around effortlessly, especially with its high tech suspension system and 5 speed manual transmission.

Other upgrades from the previous edition are a lowered rear lip to be able to easily load lugged inside the large boot, 16in wheels, a new infotainment system, ESC and all the reliability, safety and low running costs you’ve come to expect from regal.

You wish you had one before today. Time to correct that mistake. Now.


2013 Mara Xenia LX 1.6

2013 marked the debut year of a new generation of Mara’s compact offering, now called the Xenia. It was an incremental step forward in length and also essentially all other regards compared to what had proved to be effective and economical in the predecessor. The LX trim was the mid-range trim, a step up from a very spartan L but below the GLX trim in terms of equipment.

Under the hood was (finally) Mara’s first DOHC engine which was intended to replace both the upper end of the previous generation’s lower displacement 4-cylinder engine (1.6 litres) as well as the higher displacement 4 cylinder engine family (2.0 & 2.3 litres) that has been used in Mara’s larger cars of the previous decade. Still naturally aspirated at its debut, the new engine would gain an optional turbo in future model years across all displacement variants (1.6, 2.0 and 2.3) and cars in Mara’s model range.

An all-new 1.2 litre 3-cylinder was under development as well for the Xenia, but it was not ready for production at the introduction in 2013. Mara’s existing (and ageing) naturally aspirated 1.1 litre 3-cylinder was available as the base engine but rarely ordered.

To promote the car, a future facelift would be entered in some rally competitions.


The fuel economy number being 7.0L…

Is that the max or min?

No no no! You guys are doing this all wrong! She’s an old fart, she doesn’t need fancy things or big cars! She needs a cheap car, like the Hayaku SJ2.

This funky little egg came out in 2010, this is the luxury model with 6-speed manual and a massive, 1,5L engine.

Alloy wheels motherfuckers

That’s all.


Given that we’re talking about small cars here, I strongly believe it is max.

Also minimum fuel consumption rule seems kinda stupid to me? A car can never be too economical.


Definitely max, and you’d want to stay well below that.

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Better than 7.0L. So 6.9L or below if you’re using those units, or more than 33.6 mpgif in imperial units