Quotex' Design Challenge - Round 1 - "Back to basics" [ON HOLD]

The engine Problem has been resolved (See above) The six cylinder is just for A. personal Preferance and B. The brand is rather biased toward six cylinder engines…
and i have managed to get it all within the perameters of your restrictions on … everything (i think) . i just have some fine tuning to do and then to make an advert and all the related gubbins and all so it should be fine for now

Yeah, I’m probably going to submit a large C segment car (well, perhaps more “spacious” than large in the exterior), and maybe use MPEFI.

Mine was 21.6 with injection, all forged and dual reverse flows and cat at 2.2L

I4 for me

I was using Mech injection but it pushed up PU and cost so I dropped it in favour of SPEFI

I would have gone a bit quirky with a V4 personally if that was an option, I know a V6 would push costs etc up, but I think it’d work better than an I6

Sneak preview of mine, dodgy wrapping of the back light but meh.

Yours is a lot more smooth and responsive than mine but mines a lot quieter and more refined, might try an I5 2.2

I’m making refinements for now but I will when I’m done

There’s my I5 curve, I’ve seen better but I’ve seen worse.

and My six is of the ‘good mid range torque’ veriety

Yours is 3200RPMs mines a bit lower but still similar torque, yours has a higher RPM cap than mine and a bit more power, whats your 0-100/0-62?

10.9 on mine, was 11 before I did a bit of fiddling with the ignition timing and cam profile

What’s you 80-120 time? (What I call the lorry overtake time)

But mines quieter that tiny bit lighter and a fair chunk cheaper, my overtake time is 8.04, ours are fairly comparable engines tho.

I’m editing mine a bit now cause just seen my emissions at 2k :zipper_mouth_face:

I had a two-way on…

Yeh put one on but that tipped the ET over

New graph, quite torquey for the power

Just seen the emissions for your 2.2, 3000, I know it’s the sportier engine but that’s quite high…