Rear end detail disappearing?

HI, new problem has surfaced recently, upon finishing the styling and engine and moving onto the trim part I have noticed that all the rear end detail of the car disappears, taillights, badges and exhausts etc have gone…

Anyone know why?

Did you make changes in the model fixtures tab after completing the car? If so, they have to be applied in the trim fixtures tab to apply to the current trim (and any other trim to which they should belong).

That happens when you create a trim, and then add or change the fixtures in the first fixture tab. Once you create a trim (where you select the color and drivetrain) all changes in the fixtures should be done in the second fixtures tab. If you already did this, you have the next solutions:

delete the trim, and the next trim will have automatically all the fixtures, but you’ll have to re-do all of the suspension, gearbox, interior, etc…
try to recreate the original design adding the fixtures in the second fixtures tab.

That’s actually completely untrue. There are buttons on the trim fixtures tab which allow you to replicate the model fixtures tab to the current trim, or to allow you to copy the current trim to all models. I’ll post a pic, if you need help with this.

This is the Model Fixtures Tab. It is the first tab you encounter for fixtures when building a new car, as indicated by the box at the bottom of the screen. Note there are only Undo/Redo buttons on this screen. This tab defines the template for all new Trims created under this Model.
**NOTE - Changes made on this tab will NOT apply to existing trims unless they are changed on the tab described below.

Pictured below is the Trim Fixtures Tab, as indicated by the box at the bottom of the screen. Notice it has two buttons not present on the previously shown Model Fixtures Tab. Any changes made here and not copied to the template will only appear on this Trim.

The left-hand button allows you to copy the Model Template from the first tab to this tab. It is essentially a fixture reset to the template design.

The second button allows you to copy what is seen on this screen to the Model Template for all Trims. This can be used to apply changed made on the Model Fixtures Tab to the current Trim.

oh yeah, I completely forgot about those buttons (I never use them) :laughing:

@stevmac76 Just use the buttons next to undo/redo

I edited the first post with an explanation and location of the buttons to copy to/from Model Template.

Thanks for the accurate explanation, 07CobaltGirl! To solve the issue you really just need one click of a button.

No problem. I had the same issue when the new system was implemented. :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks for the replies guys, they were very much appreciated! :smiley:

Btw, we will get rid of the first fixture tab as it is so confusing, but will keep the two buttons for the template copy actions.