Could someone give me some tips on increasing MTBF without losing power? Whenever i try to make an engine with any power that runs on regular gas I can barely get the MTBF over 30000 miles :cry:

Here are 3 easy ways:

  1. Increase quality sliders
  2. Use better parts
  3. Make the stroke smaller, and the bore bigger

OK thanks

3. Make the stroke smaller, and the bore bigger[/quote]

The reverse can also be true depending on your engine. Usually the smaller stroke is the way to go but if your valve train is what’s wearing out a smaller bore / longer stroke can increase your MTBF.

Try running the other test (can’t remember what it’s called, the one where you control the throttle) and see which components are turning yellow/orange/red and focus on them. Either change those components or adjust bore/stroke to reduce stress on them.

This is completely true, but did you see what KingJanic said at the beginning of the thread? He specifically mentioned a powerful engine. In my experience with powerful engines, smaller stroke is the way to go. In other cases, what you said is completely right.

not super powerful, just 300-500 horsepower

It depends on the size and how high it revs. Most performance engines rev high.

usually 3.5 -4.5 liters revving to about 7500

Just remember mtbf is closer to service intervals then engine failure. It’s the time between things going wrong. I’ve almost never see higher then about 55-60,000 miles without heavy quality slider use. The more complex a valve train the lower mtbf as well.

Yeah, don’t set unrealistic goals for the MTBF. If you can get over 40,000 miles, the engine is reliable enough (in my opinion).