RNG at the start of every campaign?

So, I’m recording the numbers on engine designs, every choice the player can make, and am finding on repeat games, when making the same engine, the numbers are slightly different.

The weight or material costs are off by three tenths of a number. Anyone else see this small discrepancies in how numbers are being calculated? These variations are small, but present.

I lost my job on Monday of last week and dove into this game to occupy my time.

I worked with numbers and spreadsheets and I’m just doing what I know.


Okay now I want to start 5 campaigns with exact same options, cars factories and see how are they gonna work

I remember reading that the economy would be different in EVERY campaign, so it makes perfect sense that the start wouldn’t be exactly the same.


Sounds like numeric fluctuations, there is not much to that.
The economic progression of the campaign is indeed randomized, but those are big differences.