Saving Scenarios?

I’m new to the game, and loving it so far. One issue that I’ve run into over my first few days is with saving scenarios.

From reading the forums I understand that the save system changed recently with an update, and the current system has made sense and worked well for me in sandbox mode, but it doesn’t seem to save my progress in scenarios. I asked about this in the IRC, and users informed me that the scenarios autosave when complete, but I would love to be able to start a scenario, then return to it later. Last night I fulfilled the requirements, but had only competed 3/4 of the scored statistics. I’d hoped that I could exit, then come back later to optimize that final criteria, but it didn’t save: Documents\My Games\Automation\Scenarios is empty.

Is it possible to save a scenario in progress?

Indeed, currently it is not possible to have a scenario save before you’ve completed it to at least bronze level (and that has never been different). I agree that this would be a good addition though, not everyone gets to bronze in every scenario after the first few tries. While not a big priority, we’ll keep that on the radar :slight_smile:

I’m sure you’re also aware, but it only saves a scenario at the point that you passed whatever level. So if you get platinum and continue to improve it, then return to that scenario you are back to the point that you just achieved a platinum score.

Yes, that issue is on our to fix list (higher up in priority) that’s pretty annoying indeed :slight_smile: