Share and Care

Instead of working my way through scenarios, I was staring at letters for the last two days (not 24 hours long).

I wanted to express what makes Automation special for me, in hope that a few new people catch Automation and will be as excited about the Steam Early Access as I am. You guys know this anyway, but you can share the link if you like.

Nice write up! (And thanks for the feature). We should find a way to plug it somehow.

I shared via facebook!

Good stuff Simon! :slight_smile: Enjoyed reading it.

Nice words simon! I have a similar experience and you tempted me on creating my own automation fan page in my native language(spanish). Let’s hope many people enjoy Automation like all of us.

The temptation is real! :slight_smile:

Since publishing, the article has reached more than 250 people. One guy came to me, completely excited: “Wow as someone in the automotive industry I definitely gotta check this out.” So far, so good.

Almost everything that I know about cars nowadays I learnt from Automation. More people need to know about the game!

Agreed! I am hoping that what the article does in written form, will be quadrupled by all the youtube vidoes that should show up by tomorrow :slight_smile: