Short Cast Headers on Turbocharged engines

Hello. I have a problem when creating an engine with a turbo charger. I only get the short cast headers exhaust option. This is annoying for some of my race engines, as they need lots of airflow and a turbocharger, but for naturally aspirated engines, I can select any exhaust headers (Race Tubular, Cast Log, Etc.). Anyone else having this problem?

I don’t know why, but that is deliberate.

Odd…in the non-steam version (before I converted) I could make super race engines with turbos and good exhaust, now I can’t. D: Anyone know why this is done intentionally?

Which version were you running stewie? Ever since I was playing (around this time last year) turbos always came with short cast headers only.

Short Cast headers have been the only ones available for turbo engines so far. We’ll add a more sporty version later in development.

Ah, thank you Killrob for clearing that up. I am running the latest Automation Steam Version (epic and awesome), which is much better than the other ones with the launcher. Cheers to the whole Camshaft Software company for making the Steam release epic. :smiley:

I’m pretty sure headers are ignored for any flow calculations once a turbo is selected. We assume that your engineers make a flowy enough header.

Though we do limit the turbo size on the basis of what runs into the side of the engine, so bigger headers will help that one day.

I’ve been wondering this for a while. Thanks for clearing this up guys. Love the update btw. Keep it up.