Showcasing my engines

Hi everybody! I just got the demo for Automation only a week ago, but lemme tell you, I’ve had lots of fun with the engine designer in particular, so I thought I’d share some of my creations here, for you all to see. For a start, here’s the first engine I’d ever built:

It’s a 1998cc engine from 1999 that, last I checked, put out 118 hp @ 6,000 with 113 of torque at 4,300 rpm.

(P.S., sorry for not directly linking the photo to the forum itself by using the “Img” tab, but when I tried that, it didn’t come out right.)

Typically when screen-capping these things, you capture the picture of the engine plus the specs from the completed test. Save it in JPG and either use an IMG tag or just upload it using the upload attach button below (and then place it inline in the post).

Okay, thanks.

Anyway, for my first screenshot, this is a 6.3 liter motor I made for my Caddy-esque Luxomobile…from 1959. :sunglasses:

294 hp may seem kinda low for such a big motor, but it’s not terrible, either, though, I would think…do you like it? :smiley:

No emitions, lol