Some FAQs

Thought I might post a few answers to some of the questions I get asked

When will Automation be released and how can I get it? - To be honest "When its done", we aim to have it done within a year, but we aren't going to rush at the expense of quality.
Also this isn't our full time job, we don't make any money from this, so whilst we are very committed to finish it time to work on it is sometimes limited

We will also try to release a few little taster demos as we finish a few aspects of the game, and release as much media as we can along the way.

Most likely we will sell the game (for a low price compared to full price games) via some form of digital distribution.

Will you be able to drive your cars? - In a word, no.
At least not yet; with a team of only 3, a driving simulator would be a very ambitious goal.

It would be a great feature to have, and perhaps it'll be on the list for a possible sequel or expansion.

Will my Ford, Volvo, Lada, My Favorite Company be in the game? Due to copyright issues, we can't have real car companies in the game.

However in cosmetic terms, there will be a big range of styling parts from different era's and styles, so you could build something similar to a real model, also the mechanical parts available should mean you can get the specs close to.

And of course, part of the fun could be replicating an existing car maker, building the same models, using the same tactics, and see if you can do better than the real company!

What can I do to help/make you work faster?

Honestly our biggest motivation is seeing people interested in the game, so come join the forums, let us know what you think of our ideas, add some of your own ideas etc.

it may sound lame, but we are doing this all for you guys, the car nerds who have been waiting for a game like this, the people who had high hopes for "Detroit" and "Car Tycoon" but were disappointed.

Also, if you have a question about how something is going to work, ask us, often people's questions will really help us think about what we need to do and how things should work

Lastly - spread the word, if you know a car nut who would like this sort of thing, send them a link :)

Anything else I missed? Ask us on the forums!