Some Lite Campaign suggestions

I’ve been playing lite campaign a lot lately and found a couple small feature that would keep it more interesting and some of them can easily be implemented. This ideas are meant to promote car a trim productions making the game feel more dynamic as well as add more realism with the real world car industry.

The first feature would be the addition of investors. In the real world most companies are funded by investors, these investors have expectations that make the company lose “desirability” if they are not met. The idea is that when choosing the company’s initial funds a set of more or less demanding investors can be chosen. These investors the can give objectives throughout the campaign and give pointers about what cars the company needs like in the examples below:

  • All our competitors are developing City Eco cars. We should design one ourselves to stay competitive in this market.
  • There is a high demand for People Movers. We should release one before our competitors do.
  • The economy is deteriorating. Our budget for the next design should not exceed xxxxx$.
  • You haven’t released a car in 5 years. If we don’t produce a car in the nex 5 years people are going to forget about us.

Failing to meet this expectations could lead to lost of capital or even lost in the brand’s desirability.

Another addition to this would be the addition of optional challenges in the form of events that if “won” they could increase company reputation/desirability in a region. In real life most car manufacturers take part in multiple motosports. These events could easily be added to the campaign mode in the form of challenges similar to the ones already in game. Just some set specifications that must be met, simulate the outcome of a “fictional” race and reward the company according to the outcome with more desirability either globally or to the model used for them. Some examples would be:

  • Our GT team needs a new vehicle. We need to create a variant of one of our existing cars that would qualify for this modality.
  • Rally season is about to start. Create a vehicle with a trim that qualifies to participate in this modality.

These challenges could be offered on a year to year basis and be completely optional for the player to take. Nothing fancy is required for the rewards other than a desirability multiplayer and maybe a positive effect of the company’s prestige.

Ultimately and probalby the easiest to add woould be a more detailed news panel. Displaying what kind of cars competitors are releasing, where is the economy heading, what kind of cars are on high demand, which ones are falling off. All this could be displayed using the existing data in game and would give the user a much better understanding of what’s going on than by looking at the market tab.

That said I love the game, keep the good work up.