Sponsor and brands and their logos

Long reading as to why this exists

I think we came to a consensus that on a general level of roleplay when it comes to “realistic” companies that resemble those that exist(ed) we would do just that - make them behave like real companies, except in a fictional alternate timeline of the world where our IRL marques don’t exist. So who do we compare to and advertise other than competitors of the Automationverse? This became even more of an obvious issue with the ongoing ASCAR competition - if players want to roleplay companies and cars what sponsors do you use? It’s pretty obvious, just mimic existing brands. The remaining issue is how to coordinate this? That’s where this comes in. And as for car companies? Simply, no. Say for instance Enry wants to have Seishido be the Toyota of the Automationverse world, it wouldn’t make sense to create some “Toot” brand and refer to that - point being, when it comes to car companies let’s just keep it to ourselves. Everything else, free rein.

The internet, @Mr.Computah and I have been at work creating a folder and the logos within, of course. This can house colour schemes and logos for companies you may want to use for developing your racecar liveries. You are free to add more and organize to this folder. The point, mainly, is to create a structure of fake brands for reference and for use in making racing liveries etc. This folder is to keep a point of reference like this so that we can have consistency in the allusions to these companies. Over time as we expand the scope of covered logos we’ll get to older styles of certain companies and so on, but at the moment, it’s very simple.

Note that this will not include car/vehicle companies yet. However I do intend to create semi-fleshed out parts suppliers (e.g. Borg Warner that makes transmissions) for people to use in their RP as well.

Logos, colour schemes and other stuff
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We don’t intend to deface intentionally, these are all meant to be parody/comedically created for the purpose of imagination-centric roleplay use for the Automationverse. Sexually explicit or very graphic/gory images should also be avoided. Also, we ask everyone that uses this to be sensible and adhere to common etiquette and does not upload malware or delete other’s work (I can see all the changes that are done just so that you know). I reserve the right to delete anything that is inappropriate, unusable or just bad. One more thing: I expect best behaviour - no tracking down the emails people upload with and sending them things or harassing them or doxxing.

And a sort of a gentle appeal to players: I think we should continue to refrain/reduce the use of IRL companies when it comes to advertising and making of liveries.

NOTE: Companies that exist within the LC world (Archana/Gasmea/Hetvesia/Fruinia/Dalluha) are not part of the Automationverse.
Also if you guys think it would help, perhaps sticky the thread.


As a newcomer here on the forums, that wants to be lore-friendly (and that will probably soon update - or replace - his car-sharing thread) this is simply a gold mine.


See, I didn’t want to join the ASCAR challenge, but I wanted to spoof some sponsors. I really like the ‘NürburgKing’. I wanted to do a spoof of Domino’s, called ‘Anything but Domino’s’, or a telephone directory called the Bigass Phonebook.

A restaurant called Whatever!
Announcer: Have you ever had this conversation?
Man: What do you want to eat?
Woman: Whatever’s fine.
A: Whatever’s fine dining, the place she always wants to eat
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Great idea right here. This way we can stablish some sort of communitary lore as well and common references for liveries and racing competitions and whatnot. Really digging the idea :grin:


Sad face. I would have preferred the “bogan” brand to be labelled as “Victoria’s Better”… but, I suppose, if the shoe fits…

Somebody did the “Yomama” yokohama logo? :frowning:

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Quotex found that on the internet but might change it to something serious if people actually want to use it

Could that include Yarmulke? A famous brand of motorcycles and occasionally car engines?

LMAO! Asus becomes Anus!!! LOL!

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Wouldn’t Yamofo be better?

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I’m dying XD

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